Singer-songwriter Cayce Lindner sports a thick gray beard, calls Northern California home, and plucks an acoustic guitar. This means most music writers are gonna describe his new project, Flying Canyon, as a symptom of this whole freak-folk, indie-hippie fad. And while Glenn Donaldson's production — transforming doom-metal grooves into woodland dirges — does lend a modern sound to Lindner's rustic folk rock, the dude truly possesses a fragile old soul. On "The Bull Who Knew the Ring," the voice reflectively muttering, "Bring me one last song for Jerry Lee/ This old boat ain't gonna make it out to sea" feels as torn and frayed as Kris Kristofferson's during his "Sunday Morning Come Down." Meanwhile, the candlelight introspection of "Down to Summer" and "Revolver" recall the lush, summer-of-love balladry of the Jefferson Airplane's Marty Balin — "Today" and "Comin' Back to... More >>>