A few years ago, we saw Kiki and Herb at Herbst Theater on New Year's Eve in the company of about 900 gay men and a few scattered women (I won't be so crude as to call them fag hags). The crowd was to be expected -- Kiki and Herb are a lounge act played by Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman, with Bond belting out hits as the wasted septuagenarian Kiki and Mellman providing virtuoso piano accompaniment as the gay, Jewish Herb. On the surface, sure, it's total camp. But their shtick transcends that tag, not only for the unique songs they often sing (everything from the Cure and Dan Fogelberg to Wu-Tang Clan and Radiohead) but also for Kiki's priceless monologues about her incredibly fucked-up diva life, delivered in the barely-hanging-on croak of a bottomed-out drunk. When Kiki slowly descended to the floor, one knobby knee at a time, brought down by the night's alcohol intake until she was splayed out and snoozing on the boards, she cemented her status as a legend meant for everyone. She's a formidable lady -- after all, she once "sweated out" cancer with a case of vodka and an... More >>>