One of the things I like most about writing about theater for a weekly publication is that I have the luxury of avoiding press nights. Unlike my hardworking colleagues on the dailies who are forced to churn out copy overnight for the next day's newsstands, I can generally see a show on any evening near the start of the run and mull it over for a while before committing my thoughts to paper. The best part about this is that I get to sit in a real audience. It might not sound like a big deal, but in the tight-knit local theater community, spending a few hours in the company of anyone who isn't on first-name terms with the director, producer, or members of the cast can feel like quite a novelty. Instead of gushing groupies, theater insiders, and fellow journalists, I'm surrounded by actual paying customers — many of whom decided to buy a ticket to see the show simply because they thought it... More >>>