After a month of looking backward, it's time we started moving forward. This week we offer a survey of organizations that will help inspire the local music landscape in 2008; not the bands, studios, club staples, or labels, but rather the support network that surrounds them. What venues are coming back to town (Oakland's Fox Theater) or have recently set up shop (Yoshi's San Francisco)? What existing free-form operations deserve a bigger nudge into popular consciousness (Recombinant Media Labs; the bus shows) or are getting a lift from local arts organizations (The Red Poppy Art House)? And what music entrepreneurs are the go-to guys for getting hip-hop heard (mixtape kings Demolition Men)? Finally, we offer sidebars on where you can further keep up on the various strains of Bay Area sound, with a list of eclectic Web sites and streaming radio to feed your ears and eyes. The forecast for the future... More >>>