When you discover Jay Howell went to art school for only six months, you might think, that long? If there's anything that an art education is guaranteed to crush, it's a young man's appreciation for dogs and boners. Fortunately, Howell escaped, and his art, a very happy cartoon style that could be called "notebook low brow" (we aren't afraid to label things), has caught fire. His dogs are wonderful, all of them as happy as dogs can possibly be, but there's also something to be said about the boners, since the men who have them are also very happy and not at all ashamed about having theirs in, you know, public. After moving here from Sacto, amply equipped with lowbrow authenticity, Howell has become a major force in his own scene, creating zines and art and launching the record label Mt St Mtn. He also released a few nearly... More >>>