Over the last 17 years, Project Bandaloop has danced on El Capitan and awed 1700 faithful hikers in the Dolomites. They've spent 18 days trekking across the Sierra Nevada Mountains to execute epic pieces of choreography (and rigging). And danced suspended from the facades of the New York Stock Exchange, the IBM headquarters in Brazil, and the Mountain of Hope water tower in South Africa. From such precarious perches, the San Francisco-based company has offered the world truly astounding moments in dance -- lissome examples of physical harmony accomplished over rushing rivers and yawning chasms; games of cat and mouse played across walls of reflective glass; discordant quadrilles partnered by shadows on sheer cliff faces. Using climbing, rappelling, and acrobatic techniques, Project Bandaloop explores the relationship between movement and gravity, energy and mortality, beauty and disquiet. Landscapes -- even the McRoskey Mattress Company on Market Street -- have been an exhilarating force behind the site-specific work, but the choreography brings confrontational spaciousness and intrepid perspective to any stage. This year's... More >>>