As Ye-Day approaches, one question looms large: Can any arena contain Kanye West's massive ego? The 20,000-seat HP Pavilion, where hip-hop's favorite college dropout plays April 19, is hardly large enough for a performer of his stature. He deserves a venue truly worthy of his Ye-ness: a biosphere, or maybe one of the rings of Saturn. After all, as "Stronger," his recent foray into house music, made clear, Kanye is Not of This Earth. Just like Daft Punk, whose futuristic cybershtick he co-opted in the song (and video), Kanye is simply too cool for us terrestrial beings. Who else could be known for both his blinged-out Jesus piece and a song ("Diamonds from Sierra Leone") about conflict gemstones? Who else could address both spirituality ("Jesus Walks") and groupies ("Gold Digger") with equal reverence? And who else could claim to be important enough to be mentioned in the Bible, were it written today? Let's see: Peter, Paul, Corinthians, Ecclesiastes, Kanye. Yup,... More >>>