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    October 2, 2009

    T-Pain DataSF = Tinny Voiced Do-Gooder Web Apps?

    There's an app for that...​Calling all computer-whiz nerds: not one, but two Bay Area-based Web application contests were announced this week. First, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has been helping to promote the DataSF App contest, which challenges entrants to create civic-minded applications b ... More >>

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    July 17, 2009

    Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: Nathan Rapport

    DJ and promoter Nathan Rapport's ears have been spoiled. He lived in Detroit long enough to enjoy the riches of techno's epicenter, and now when he hits a gay club, the dude does not want to hear ten million variations on the Kylie remix. Back in the Motor City he threw queer parties called SASS wit ... More >>

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    December 18, 2008

    Last Night: Sarah Brightman at the HP Pavilion

    Brightman Visits Dark Side in Her Partially Gothic Show - Chirpily Sarah Brightman San Jose HP Pavilion December 17, 2008 Review by Meredith Brody; Photos by Janine Kahn It was a dress that did it. Or, more accurately, it was a photograph of Sarah Brightman in a completely mad dress, a layered, r ... More >>

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    May 7, 2008
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    October 19, 2005

    Rogue Wave

    A grown-up indie-pop band emerges with a stunning sophomore album

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    September 7, 2005

    The 40-Year-Old Solo Artists

    Bob Mould and Paul Weller each have new records that prove they're as vital as ever -- without their old bands

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    October 13, 2004

    Mind Games

    Shane Carruth's Primer goes back to the future, and it's a weird, wild ride

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    September 29, 2004

    Dog Bites

    The thrill of Beach Blanket Babylon auditions

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    June 2, 2004
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    May 26, 2004

    Trannyshack Reno or Bustier

    An extreme road trip that's never just a drag

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    July 23, 2003
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    July 16, 2003
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    June 4, 2003

    Hammer of the Gods

    With a handful of artists, "classic rock" is not

    a pejorative

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    April 23, 2003

    Break Like the Wind

    Spinal Tap tapped,

    the Folksmen turn it

    way down from 11

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    June 19, 2002
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    December 27, 2000

    Blow Up the Box

    TV managed to suck and blow in 2000, but still, we watched...and watched

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    October 4, 2000

    SF Weekly Wammies 2000

    Your choices of the top local bands

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    September 29, 1999

    They'll House You

    British house duo Basement Jaxx took inspiration from America. Now they're prepared to conquer it.

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    February 24, 1999
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    January 6, 1999
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    September 2, 1998
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    December 10, 1997


    The Flaming Lips want you to play all four of their new CDs -- at the same time

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    June 18, 1997

    Murder at the Pink Tarantula

    Carmel Sanger's death -- a walk-in shooting at a SOMA hair salon called the Pink Tarantula -- was professionally brutal. Her life was a wondrous combination of the drag queens and musicians and druggies and gays and bikers and lesbians and tattooists and

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    May 7, 1997
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    November 22, 1995

    C.R.U.S.H. (Part I)

    Five months ago, two black homicide detectives got fed up with the Police Department's inaction on black-on-black murders. Thus was born the Crime Response Unit to Stop Homicide (CRUSH): six cops with the grit and guile to tackle the toughest cases in the

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    November 8, 1995
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    May 24, 1995

    Dead Sea Scrolls

    Deciphering the psychedelic dream-rock of Angel'in Heavy Syrup and the cryptic noise-pop of Dead C

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    April 5, 1995
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