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    June 13, 2012
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    April 20, 2012

    The Top 20 Greatest San Francisco Musicians: The Complete List

    See also: * The Top 20 Greatest San Francisco Musicians: Honorable Mentions Here they are -- the 20 greatest San Francisco musicians ever: 20. Cameron Paul Lists of pioneering American DJs often mention the usual suspects in New York and Chicago, but go back to the '70s and '80s and you'll find ... More >>

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    April 17, 2012

    The Top 20 Greatest San Francisco Musicians, #15-11

    See also: * The Top 20 Greatest San Francisco Musicians, Nos. 20 to 16 Here we are with the second installment of our list of the 20 greatest San Francisco musicians ever. (If you missed yesterday's first edition, check it out here.) Note that to qualify for this list, artists had to have a strong ... More >>

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    November 28, 2011

    Jello Biafra's 'Ultimate Third Rail': Why the Outspoken SF Punk Rocker Abandoned Plans to Play in Israel

    Last summer, SF punk rocker, notorious political rabble-rouser, and former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra was booked to perform in Israel, along with his band, the Guantanamo School of Medicine, in support of their new Enhanced Methods of Questioning EP. But their plans raised quite a controver ... More >>

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    October 12, 2011

    Indie Labels Team Up to Launch Discovery Site the New Record, Which Doesn't Quite Work Yet

    ​Our curiosity was piqued this morning upon hearing that about 30 independent record labels -- including greats like Kill Rock Stars, Sub Pop, Anti-, and Daptone -- have partnered to create a new music discovery site called The New Record. Unfortunately, we've been trying to download MP3s fro ... More >>

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    August 31, 2010

    Rancid Bassist Matt Freeman Talks Devil's Brigade Project, Kids Songs, and Op Ivy Reunion

    Matt Freeman has been a force in East Bay punk for more than two decades.​Just when it seemed like almost everyone in the big-time East Bay punk band Rancid has had a side project of their own except for bassist Matt Freeman, the 44-year-old bassist is today releasing Devil's Brigade, a long-in-th ... More >>

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    December 30, 2009

    Listomania: Top Metal Picks For 2009

    This year was such a good one for heavy music, I wound up having to cheat when putting this list together. I just couldn't settle on ten albums that kicked my ass the hardest in 2009; there were dozens of candidates. The best I could do was fourteen, so each of my top four slots are ties. ​Mastod ... More >>

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    April 12, 2006

    Weapons of Mass Construction

    Oakland's Coup takes political rap to the next level

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    October 5, 2005


    Hometown heroes Blackalicious achieve mediocrity with The Craft

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    October 27, 2004

    Some Kind of Monster

    After three decades in fishnets and bondage gear, the Cramps are still creepy

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    September 1, 2004

    Fire Starters

    Now that Oakland's Matches are finding success, will they leave behind the homegrown scene they helped found?

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    February 25, 2004

    Hear This

    Join indie hip-hopper Sage Francis in saying "Fuck Clear Channel."

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    December 17, 2003

    Watered Down

    From MTV to Rolling Stone, everyone loves the Distillers. Except us.

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    August 6, 2003

    Buzz Clip

    San Diego's the Locust serves up "power-violence" with a wink and a smile

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    October 31, 2001

    Appetite for Resurrection

    Aussie expat Brody Armstrong channels her miserable past into the glorious punk of the Distillers

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    November 15, 2000

    House Of Tudor

    Badly Drawn Boy; Squirrel Nut Zippers; Spike & Mikes Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation; Los Amigos Invisibles

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    May 31, 2000

    House Of Tudor

    T-Model Ford; Paul Jones; Robert Belfour; Blue Room Boys; Dropkick Murphys

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    January 5, 2000

    Sheer Ambition

    With SeeThru Broadcasting, Dave Sardy and Kevin Wortis envision a new kind of indie label: one that's passionate about music and well-financed

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    August 18, 1999
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    March 24, 1999
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    November 5, 1997
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    August 21, 1996
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    May 15, 1996

    Bring in Da Noise

    Michael Goldberg's rock 'n' roll Web dream

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    May 8, 1996

    Utter Madness

    Slamming 'em back with the Swingin' Utters

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    December 6, 1995

    Spirit of '77

    Sin and salvation with Rancid

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    October 25, 1995

    The Creature Double Feature

    The local garage rock revival with the Groovie Ghoulies, Hi-Fives, Trash Women, and more

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    October 18, 1995
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    August 23, 1995
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    July 5, 1995
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    April 19, 1995
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