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    December 3, 2010

    Does Pandora Crush Your Soul, Or Free Your Mind?

    It sees everything you like.‚ÄčThat's the question asked today in a New York Times piece by Virgina Heffernan, a self-described non-music-buff who finds the ability of Internet radio station Pandora to predict her tastes unnerving -- and also exciting.Her piece is a fascinating look into the philos ... More >>

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    February 28, 2001

    Go Crazy

    To its obsessed fans, Go isn't just a board game. It's a way of life, a key to building better computers, and maybe even the savior of American education.

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    November 15, 2000

    A HAL of an Idea

    Dr. David Stork is trying to create a new computer that thinks like a human being. But he needs your help.

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    January 15, 1997

    Pawns of the Game

    Love, obsession, madness, and other matters of chess

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