• Film

    March 26, 2008
  • Calendar

    September 21, 2005

    Mad Bombers

    The art of chaos

  • Best of San Francisco

    May 19, 2004
  • Calendar

    March 24, 2004

    Industrial Light and Magic

    Yves Béhar designs ordinary things that meet our needs in extraordinary ways

  • News

    January 14, 2004

    Ultra Marathon Man

    Even among long-distance runners, S.F.'s Dean Karnazes is a phenom

  • News

    November 22, 2000

    The PeopleSoftTouch

    PeopleSoft software has forced a Delaware manufacturer to cut paychecks to Mickey Mouse and let failing Wisconsin college students evade expulsion. Guess what software the San Francisco school district owns?

  • News

    August 9, 2000

    Dog Bites

    When Cloudy Was the Weather; or, Pyramid Schemes; Warmth: A Contrarian View

  • News

    April 19, 2000

    Dog Bites

    Where Have All the Doc Martens Gone?; Special: IKEA Labor Unrest!; Silicon Valley Gold Digger: "I 'Fess Up."

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