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    April 3, 2013

    Gov. Jerry Brown's Pardon Rate Keeps Pace With Fellow Forgiving Governors

    On the day before Easter, Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned 65 convicted criminals. All of them had already served prison time, been free for at least 10 years, and, according to the Governor's office, had maintained clean records ever since. Most were drug offenders, though one man had been locked up for m ... More >>

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    December 26, 2012

    Gov. Brown's Frequent Use of Pardons is Retro California

    Between 1991 and 2010, California's governors granted pardons to 20 convicted criminals. Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned 21. On Monday, Brown pardoned 79 felons. Brown's use of pardons represents the larger shift in the criminal justice mindset he has overseen in the state -- higher rates ... More >>

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    August 17, 2012

    State Supreme Court, Legislature Want to Give Juveniles Serving Life Sentences a Shot at Parole

    On June 6, 2007, Rodrigo Caballero, a 16-year-old member of the Vario Lancas gang in Los Angeles, jumped out of a green Toyota and opened fire on three Val Verde gang rivals walking down the street. He missed two of his targets, but the third caught a non-fatal gunshot wound near the shoulder blade. ... More >>

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    February 16, 2010

    Hey, Gavin: List of Upwardly Mobile Lieutenant Governors Is Truly Brief

    BrainchildvnGavin Newsom might stop applauding if he better knew the career outcomes of previous lieutenant governors -- and failed candidates for the office​UPDATE: Newsom insists he's not making any statements about running for lieutenant governor. At least not now. First things first, our calls ... More >>

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    February 15, 2010

    It's 6:30 a.m. -- Do You Know Who Your Lt. Gov Is?

    Can you answer me our questions three? Okay, it's just one question. But it's hard! ​Much drama ensued last week, when Sen. Abel Maldonado didn't quite get enough votes to be confirmed for Lieutenant Governor -- leading Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to bluster he'd confirm Maldonado anyway and Democr ... More >>

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    October 30, 2009

    Going, Going, Gavin: What's Next For Newsom, City, State?

    ​ It's unlikely anyone has ever publicly announced he's taking a job so he can spend less time with his family. But countless folks turning in their resignation letters have chalked up the decision to jump ship to a desire to spend more time with the fam. Gavin Newsom joined that lengthy list ... More >>

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    September 1, 2009

    Weekend DUI Checkpoint Catches -- Wait for it -- Alleged Drunk Driver!

    No, that's not former Gov. Gray Davis​Yesterday we wrote about how a late August San Francisco DUI checkpoint didn't manage to snare a single alleged drunk driver -- but did result in 23 people having their cars towed away for various infractions. Also, due to the checkpoint's official tally b ... More >>

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    February 5, 2009

    David Chiu's Proposed Vehicle License Fee Could Net City $70M -- But Requires 'Hail Mary'of a Senate Bill to Pass

    These guys could make San Francisco lots of moneyThe Vehicle License Fee proposed this week by Supervisor David Chiu could net the city as much as $70 million. And the lottery ticket you bought this week could net you $70 million, too. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, and the VLF won't benefit local ... More >>

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    August 15, 2007

    Barred for Life

    Desperate prison lifers turn to Charles Carbone when trying to navigate the unfair process of parole denials

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    October 27, 2004


    How four tiny Indian tribes, with help from powerful gambling interests, are trying to transform the Bay Area into a slot machine Mecca

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    September 8, 2004

    Terminator or Bloviator?

    Social moderate? Republican firemouth? Who is Arnold, really?

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    July 28, 2004

    Looking Inside INdTV

    Al Gore and ex-Stanford prof Joel Hyatt say their S.F.-based cable news channel for twentysomethings won't be ideological. But do the Democratic moneymen behind the venture know that?

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    May 26, 2004

    Democracy in Suburbia

    The Economist asks: "Is California Back?" Contra Costa County wonders: "Were we gone?"

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    March 17, 2004

    A Bridge Too Weak?

    A UC Berkeley professor believes the unique new Bay Bridge design is fatally flawed

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    December 31, 2003

    The Oracle of San Francisco

    No, not that jerk-led software behemoth down the Peninsula the real Oracle, with the surefire, bet-the-house prophecies you deserve

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    November 26, 2003

    Ghost Story

    A new Christmas Carol chorus

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    November 12, 2003

    Letters to the Editor

    Week of November 12, 2003

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    October 29, 2003

    The Migden Chronicles

    One of the last standing Democrats writes the treatment for a flick in which a befuddled sci-fi hero helps California to a better future

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    October 1, 2003

    Play Rotorecall

    Have fun with democracy, before it has fun with you

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    August 20, 2003

    Unintended Consequences

    Right-wingers cooked up the Gray Davis recall only to see it hijacked by a political moderate named Arnold

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    August 13, 2003

    Gimme Shelters

    After mortgaging our future in an orgy of budget-related borrowing, the Legislature hatches new orgiastic plans: sleazy tax shelters

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    August 6, 2003

    Sandwich Queen

    A paean to an easy summer pleasure

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    July 30, 2003

    Recalling a Historical Mistake

    Why voters should defeat the move to recall Gov. Davis -- and then work to eliminate the recall and initiative provisions from state law

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    June 25, 2003


    Lawyers for hundreds of sex-abuse victims have California's Catholic dioceses in a dire financial bind. Can church leaders finagle an escape, or are they ...

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    April 2, 2003

    San Quentin Blues

    The prison guards' union angrily ripped the rug from under the governor in February

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    February 26, 2003
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    January 22, 2003

    Common Cents

    The Chronicle should stop the dubious "news stories" and openly rail against a sales tax hike that hurts its major advertisers -- and slaughters the poor

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    October 30, 2002

    Letters to the Editor

    Week of October 30, 2002

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    October 23, 2002

    Notes From the Edge

    The choices are dark and dreary, but the only candidate for governor is (be still, pounding heart) Gray Davis

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    August 28, 2002

    Letters to the Editor

    Week of August 28, 2002

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    July 31, 2002

    See Jerry Not Run

    If he'd just revert to type, Jerry Brown could help California avoid a Davis vs. Simon truck wreck

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    June 26, 2002

    Letters to the Editor

    Week of June 26, 2002

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    June 26, 2002

    Blowing Smoke

    WARNING: Gov. Davis' plan to use tobacco lawsuit money to fill a budget gap is dangerous to our financial health

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    June 12, 2002

    Letters to the Editor

    Week of June 12, 2002

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    May 8, 2002

    Whore vs. Bore

    Californians have refused public campaign financing, and we've gotten what we deserve: a governor's race between a fund-raising slut and a clueless rich guy

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    December 26, 2001

    The Perfect Crime

    As we're now finding out, Gov. Davis may be the only one who won't have to pay for his mishandling of the energy crisis

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    July 4, 2001

    Gray Skies

    If Gov. Davis has his way, California soon will have dozens of new power plants -- a lot of them in the wrong places, some of them unnecessary, and very, very few of them based on renewable energy

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    July 4, 2001

    "They're Hijacking Our Rally!"

    Opponents of the Potrero Hill power plant expansion could use a lesson in organization.

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    June 13, 2001

    Getting the Treatment

    Proposition 36 is based on a noble idea: substituting drug treatment for prison sentences. But the measure needs practical help.

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    June 6, 2001

    Gambling Their Future

    How a tiny, impoverished Indian tribe managed to persuade a city, a powerful union, and the U.S. Congress to let them build a Nevada-style casino in the East Bay

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    April 4, 2001

    MUD in Your Eye

    A small group wants to foist a municipal utility district on the city without evidence its version of "public power" will work. Demand evidence.

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    March 14, 2001

    Q: What's the Opposite of a Miracle?

    A: What the state does to the families of people who die while poor

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    March 7, 2001

    Dim Bulbs

    Greedy out-of-state profiteers make easy targets, but the real villains of California's energy debacle are the ones under the state capitol dome.

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    January 31, 2001

    Don't Let Them Turn Out the Lights

    It's time for consumers to take back California

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    December 27, 2000

    Regulating Change

    Bush will likely gut national health and safety regulation; local liberals screw up regulation by forgetting its purpose -- protecting the general public

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    October 25, 2000

    A Walk in the Dark

    The rest of the country is re-appraising the death penalty; California sues to keep a minister from comforting those facing execution

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    September 20, 2000

    Fringe Character

    Just another beautiful night in the Tenderloin, sampling the Fringe Festival and the Virgin Queen Contest

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    September 20, 2000

    Power Politics

    Why a retreat from electricity deregulation is a victory for PG&E, and a loss for you and me

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    June 9, 1999
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    December 30, 1998
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