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    February 17, 2011

    iPad Miracle: Political Mover and Shaker John Whitehurst Saved

    You're about as likely to be able to do this with an iPad as you are to get it back when you leave it on BART​There are two hard and fast rules on Bay Area public transportation: Any unidentified liquid is urine, and if you leave the vehicle without your high-priced electronics, you're not getting ... More >>

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    August 8, 2007
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    June 4, 1997
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    April 9, 1997

    Un-Welcome to Mr. Roberts' Neighborhood

    The Chans were set to build a nice, simple home on their own property. Then Chronicle honcho Jerry Roberts and his relentless wife moved next door. Suddenly, everything became very complicated and very nasty.

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    February 19, 1997

    Who's Watching the Zoo?

    As the $48 million June ballot measure looms, so do questions about the financial assumptions behind it

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    July 17, 1996

    The Life and Times of T.J. Anthony

    Combative pol fights his last battle

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    August 30, 1995

    Achtenberg's Third Act

    Roberta Achtenberg bristles when anyone dares say that Williw Brown is the one who gets things done. "I have gotten things done my entire life, right?" she says, citing when her accomplishments as a law school dean, her 800-page book on sexual orientatio

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    July 5, 1995

    City Slackers

    A guide toSan Francisco political corruption -past, present, and future

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    June 28, 1995
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