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    August 17, 2005


    Our critics weigh in on local theater

  • Culture

    October 13, 2004


    Our critics weigh in on local theatre

  • Culture

    October 6, 2004

    Curse of the Cultured Class

    William Shawn's The Designated Mourner is well-written but less than well-felt

  • Culture

    October 16, 2002

    Extinguishing a Firebrand

    Last Planet Theatre's two-hour version of a long Ibsen play is admirable, but lacks fervor

  • Culture

    October 17, 2001

    Sweet Table at the Richelieu

    Last Planet Theater revives an undeservedly obscure play about rich people mingling at an elegant hotel

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    June 13, 2001

    The Dying Gaul

    A flawed but enthusiastic exploration of a gay screenwriter's relationship with a married couple

  • Culture

    October 18, 2000

    What a Little Moonlight Can't Do

    Harold Pinter's work may be nearly as cold and chiseled as Beckett's, but by now we've stopped caring

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