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    April 16, 2014

    Marijuana Blamed For California Drought; Almonds Get A Pass

    California is the fruit and nut basket of the world, with almonds, wine from grapes, stone fruits and citrus grown here available in China, Maine and many points in between. The state is also the country's marijuana garden, with more cannabis grown here than any other state, according to law enforce ... More >>

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    January 8, 2014
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    August 28, 2013

    Quinoa, New California Crop?

    For more than a year now, we've been confused about quinoa. The crop came onto the public's radar only six years ago, blasting quickly from anonymity into a ubiquitous grocery staple, hailed by health fiends as the "Andean superfood." The hype is deserved when we look at quinoa's benefits -- includi ... More >>

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    June 11, 2013

    NSA Surveillance Shouldn't Be a Religious Issue

    Perhaps the best take on last week's revelations about how the government is collecting all our phone records came from David Simon, who actually got it wrong. I say "best" because Simon, standing nearly alone in the middle of a battlefield with screeching hyenas on one side and credulous buffoons ... More >>

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    December 5, 2012
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    November 7, 2012

    Despite Prop. 37's Defeat, the Fight for GMO Labeling Soldiers On

    Proposition 37, the California initiative to label genetically modified food, was defeated last night with a 53% majority vote against the proposed labeling law. But just because this battle was lost, those behind the Yes on 37 campaign say the war is far from over. The group is focusing on the 4.3 ... More >>

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    September 11, 2012

    There Are No Conservatives Worth Following on Social Media

    "Follow liberally," exhorts Liz Heron. "You never know who will lead you to discover something unique or important." This is one of "The Rules of Social Media" that Fast Company thinks we all should adhere to. Heron, who runs social media for the Wall Street Journal, doesn't mean "liberally" in a p ... More >>

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    March 20, 2012

    Pink Slime Seems Impossible to Avoid

    ​Pink slime -- aka "lean finely textured beef," meat salvaged off the carcass through a process of heat, centrifuging, and ammonia-gassing -- is the bugaboo of the day, as impossible to avoid in the media as it apparently is in hamburgers. It's a story that hits most of the sustainable food moveme ... More >>

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    February 22, 2012
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    February 10, 2012

    Is Animal Slaughter on Urban Farms Becoming a Problem? One Group Thinks So

    ​If you go to farmers' markets in the East Bay, you may have seen them: A group of activists from Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter handing out flyers raising concerns about Oakland's new Urban Agriculture Policy. "The last thing I want my daughter to see or hear are the sounds of an an ... More >>

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    January 31, 2012

    Newspaper Guild Blasts Mayor Jean Quan Over Arrest of Reporters at Occupy Oakland

    ​Plenty of people are unhappy all around about what happened in downtown Oakland Saturday evening -- journalists included. Hundreds of police in riot gear descended on a planned Occupy Oakland rally over the weekend, which escalated into another violent scene where more than 400 people were arrest ... More >>

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    October 17, 2011

    Protesting Corporate Greed and Corruption? Set Your Sights on the Food Industry

    _PaulS_/Flickr​ Mother Jones magazine's great food correspondant, Tom Philpott, wrote a barnstormer of an article this past week titled "Foodies, Get Thee to Occupy Wall Street." Food is no side issue, Philpott argues, to the nationwide protests voicing outrage over the unchecked power o ... More >>

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    September 16, 2011

    Veterans Benefits Group, Inc. Sues Mother Jones Magazine for Defamation

    ​The Veterans Benefits Group, Inc. and its president are suing Mother Jones magazine over a July/August 2011edition, accusing the San Francisco-based magazine of defamation. The group claims the article falsely accuses the organization of elder financial abuse and other "shady" practices. The art ... More >>

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    August 17, 2011

    Why Are Bottled Water Companies Going After African American and Latino Consumers?

    TLC's Chilli is now hawking Dasani. (Side note: Chilli looks amazing.)​A decade or two ago, bottled water was associated with the WASPiest of the white -- alpha-dog fitness geeks, neurotic soccer moms, people too good for what comes out of the tap. Now, according to a new Mother Jones article, bot ... More >>

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    July 8, 2011

    What to Do This Weekend, July 9-10

    Craving more? Scroll through additional listings here. Sat., July 9 Family Pasta Making Class Ferry Building, 2-4 p.m. Anthony Strong of Locanda is teaming up with Charles Phan of the Slanted Door for an East/West tutorial on Italian and Asian noodle-making. Using farm-fresh eggs and wheat ground o ... More >>

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    July 7, 2011

    Misguided Bacon Slam Comes to Thirsty Bear

    ​San Francisco Bacon Takedown Where: Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, 661 Howard (at 3rd St.), 974-0905 When: Sun., July 10, noon Cost: $15 The rundown: We're squeamish about this bacon cooking slam, but not because we don't love bacon. In the wake of last week's publication of Mother Jones' ... More >>

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    July 1, 2011

    Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig Are Sexy, Spam Is Evil, and S.F.'s Best Vegan Junk Food

    ​This news is from last week but I was in Greece and Russia (WHAT'S UP I HAVE A PASSPORT) so I'm gonna talk about it anyway, okay? Okay! Also, I've got mad jet lag, a nasty cold, and a really bad attitude. Things could get extra real today and I apologize in advance/YOU'RE WELCOME. • So! SFood ... More >>

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    June 28, 2011

    Spam, Indian Cheetos, and Comfort Food

    ​Today's notes on national stories, local trends, random tastes, and other bycatch dredged up from the food media.1. The Evil Side of Spam. Locavore distaste aside, Spam's popularity doesn't seem to have waned over the years. Perhaps California's huge Hawaiian community is just too good at making ... More >>

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