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    March 8, 2013

    Local Pigeon Bathes Just Like a Mission Hipster

    Remember when Newt Gingrich bagged on the Occupy movement for their questionable hygiene habits? But what would Newt think of this stinky San Francisco pigeon who's mastered his own unsanitary regimen? Shot by SF Weekly's former art director Andrew Nilsen, this ballsy pigeon went rogue and instead ... More >>

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    January 2, 2013

    Top 10 Most Unforgettable Stories of 2012

    As journalists, we're a bit sad to say fare thee well to 2012, a year chock-full of news that's certainly bolstered our livelihood. From cock ring wars and another World Series win, to local law enforcers robbing banks and bruising their wives, it's been one hell of a newsy year for San Francisco. ... More >>

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    May 7, 2012

    Newt Gingrich's Favorite Jewelry Store Is Being Sued for Racial Discrimination

    Walk into a jewelry store, especially one of the fancier ones, and you'll likely encounter a rush of customer service. An engaging smile, a hand on the shoulder, and oh that's such a wonderful shirt you're wearing. Each entrant, after all, holds significant commission potential and we all have rent ... More >>

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    March 29, 2012

    Jelly Belly, Host of Rick Santorum Rally, Is Sweet on the GOP

    ​The Jelly Belly factory is a beacon of thriving American manufacturing -- it is also a fine choice for wholesome family outings.And considering how much former President Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans, it also seems like the perfect location for a conservative darling's presidential ca ... More >>

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    March 19, 2012

    Live Review, 3/16/12: Drive-By Truckers Are Pretty Much Why We Bothered Having Rock 'n' Roll in the First Place

    ​Drive-By TruckersFriday, March 16, 2012The FillmoreSomewhere out there in the multiverse, on Earth 2 or some damn place, opening for what's left of Lynyrd Skynyrd back in '02 brought Drive-By Truckers to the attention of a clutch classic rock and AOR program directors. A little embarrassed&n ... More >>

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    March 1, 2012

    KSFO Recalls Andrew Breitbart Saying "Progressivism in San Francisco Has Ruined This Wonderful Town."

    The most interesting time to listen to talk radio is a day with fresh news, because it demands actual thinking from hosts who usually just spend hours each week spewing forth librul-hatin' nonsense as canned and same-y as soft-serve coming from a spigot. That's why SF Weekly spent a chunk of this mo ... More >>

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    February 24, 2012

    Local Moms Want Schools to Cut Hair, Not Budgets

    ​Leonard Flynn School is no different than every other education facility in the city --- it has no money! Thanks to ongoing budget cuts, local parents have been shouldering much of the cost for the fun part of the kid's education, like art and music. In the latest endeavor to help out San Fr ... More >>

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    February 17, 2012

    Dave Mustaine Confirms Idiocy Twice in One Week

    ​As you may have already heard, a couple of days ago, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine told that he was "hoping that whatever is in the White House next year is a Republican" (he knows politicians aren't robots right? Surely that should be a "whoever," not a "whatever"?) and gave his own ra ... More >>

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    February 8, 2012
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    February 7, 2012

    Newt Gingrich to Campaign Near San Francisco: Lock Up Your Wives

    ​After Newt Gingrich trashed-talked the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco, we gave the  polyamorous Republican five really good reasons that he might fancy our fair city, despite the fact we are open to all things good. Of course, we didn't think he would take that as an actual invite, but ... More >>

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    February 3, 2012

    Bringing Up Bébé: You'd Be a Better Person If You Were French

    ​It appears there's money to be made in stoking the self-loathing of the American people -- hence this article on the Chronicle's Mommy Blog. It plugs the book Bringing Up Bébé, in which an American expat expounds upon the enlightened parenting techniques of our Gallic brethren, and contrasts th ... More >>

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    January 26, 2012

    Mitt Romney Will Win Republicans Over By Teaming Up With Nancy Pelosi

    Mitt Romney is all set to be the Republican nominee for president, except for one stubborn hitch: Republican primary voters -- like most people -- don't like him, perhaps because he's actually an actor playing a presidential candidate on a soap opera in 1986. Instead, lately, lots of Republicans se ... More >>

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    January 25, 2012

    Newt Gingrich, Here's Why You Would Love San Francisco

    Mashed-potato snowman Newt Gingrich is going around the foreclosure swamp of Florida angering up the easily angered by mentioning San Francisco as if the name of our city is a dirty word.We know what he means by it, of course, when he refers to a "San Francisco fantasy land" he means a place with ga ... More >>

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    December 29, 2011

    Ridiculously Spacious Bay Area Home for Sale, Only $29 Million

    ​Here's something that will surely stoke contempt among the Occupy Movement: A San Francisco suburban home is on the market. Its asking price? Only $29 million!The mega mansion, which sits on 6 acres in the quiet town of Hillsborough, is secured by classic wrought-iron gates. It has reportedly bee ... More >>

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    November 21, 2011

    Newt Gingrich Tells Occupy Protesters to Take a Bath

    ​Last week, we regaled readers with the dumbass things Ann Coulter had to say about the Occupy Movement, none of which is worth repeating in this post. Rather, we have new material from an old Republican who, too, has shared his idiotic convictions about the anti-big bank movement. Republican pres ... More >>

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    August 10, 2011

    Willie Brown Not Returning Chronicle's Calls

    Hello, operator? ​During Herb Caen's heyday, he shared lunch with Willie Brown every week. When the Chronicle tabbed the latter to fill the former's long-empty shoes three years ago, the paper was desperately hoping it could, once again, win readers with an eccentric man about town. Brown, of cour ... More >>

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    June 17, 2011

    Tim Pawlenty Gets Glitter Bombed at San Francisco Book Signing (Video)

    Has no heart to leave in San Francisco ​The incredible nerve of GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty to camp out in San Francisco and sign copies of his book Courage to Stand. But San Francisco showed him. The man who is seemingly anti everything (gays, abortions, nonChristians) was unpleasantl ... More >>

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    December 14, 2010

    The Year in Gay, 2010 Edition

    What a year it was​Who Will Be The Uppity Fag Of The Year?Let's face it -- this was a messy, messy year for the gays. Much of the news was good, ultimately, but shit dragged on! There were three major federal trials (four, technically -- but two were sorta merged in Massachusetts), promises ... More >>

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    September 22, 2010
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    August 13, 2010

    The Gay Marriage Waiting Game - The Week in Gay

    Joe EskenaziLuis Juarbe, facing camera, and Mike Reardon will just have to wait a little longer...​This week was full of more of damn waiting. Just like last week. Last week we waited for Judge Vaughn Walker to decide that Prop. 8 was a piece of anti-American trash. This week we had to wait to fin ... More >>

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    June 29, 2009

    Sf Gov InAction: Special Faux-Guest Edition!

    Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing every week? Me too. So this week I decided to imagine how SF Gov InAction would look if it were written by five of this city's most ... um ... noteworthy ... pundits. You say "parody," I say "homage." Either way: Enjoy. Monday, June 29 11 a.m. ... More >>

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    May 26, 2009

    Extremely Civil Disobedience: Prop. 8 Protests Peaceful So Far

    Peaceful demonstrators shut down the intersection of Van Ness and Grove"Ordinarily, a person leaving a courtroom with a conviction behind him would wear a somber face," Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1956. "But I left with a smile. I knew that I was a convicted criminal, but I was proud of my crime. ... More >>

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    April 2, 2009

    '90s Night Tonight at Madrone Lounge

    Are the '90s back already? If so, is it too soon? After all, we can think of several dubious trends from that decade - grunge 'uniforms' (flannel shirts and scruffy faces), sugar-coated teenie pop (think Britney Spears, 98 Degrees, 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys), stomach tattoos ( i.e. Tupac's "Thug Life ... More >>

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    November 19, 2008
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    July 23, 2008

    The Pork Park

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is quietly trying to keep the Presidio on the public teat. That's a good thing.

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    November 8, 2006

    Gomorrah by the Bay

    The GOP's last-ditch message to voters before the midterm elections was a tirade against our fair city. How do you feel about San Francisco values in the political spotlight?

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    October 20, 2004

    Yo Soy Centroamericano

    Why vote Kerry? Exhibit No. 1: George W. Bush has shamelessly hired the dangerous figures behind the Iran-Contra Affair into senior diplomatic posts.

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    April 12, 2000

    South to the Future

    Conservatives Help Fund Anti-WTO Rally

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    February 23, 2000

    How I Learned to Love Hate Radio

    KSFO Radio's anti-fans

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    January 19, 2000
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    January 27, 1999
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    February 18, 1998

    Net Loss

    How LatinoNet -- the poster child for Washington's attempt to empower the poor with technology -- wasted money and networked almost no one

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    September 10, 1997
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    July 16, 1997

    Tense Alliance

    A conversation with the makers of Blacks and Jews, a highlight of the 17th annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

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    March 12, 1997
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    October 30, 1996

    Party Types

    Whether Democrat, Republican, or crypto-fascist, this is your guide to the best in Election Night bashing

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    September 18, 1996
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    August 21, 1996
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    July 31, 1996
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    January 17, 1996
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    December 27, 1995
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    December 6, 1995

    The Grapes of Wrath

    Bruce Springsteen reinvents himself as working-class hero

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    November 22, 1995

    The Prime Minister of Comedy

    Barry Weintraub's a joker, he's a voter, he's a Web-page stoker

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    September 27, 1995

    Drag Kings

    From San Francisco to London, women are donning men's clothes, assuming males personas, and challenging the very concept of gender. Just what is male and female, anyway?

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    September 20, 1995
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    June 7, 1995
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    May 24, 1995
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    May 10, 1995

    Dialing for AIDS Dollars

    National group soaks donors for telemarketing scheme as Republicans seize Capitol Hill

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    April 5, 1995

    Ragging Factsheet 5

    The zine of zines comes under attack

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    March 29, 1995
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