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    July 23, 2012

    Henry Tautolo Killed, Two Teens Injured Over Violent Weekend

    Gun violence plagued San Francisco over the weekend with three shootings, one of which left a 22-year-old man dead. On Friday at about 9 p.m., police were called to the unit block of Nichols on reports of a shooting. When the cops arrived, they found Henry Tautolo, 22, with multiple gunshot wounds t ... More >>

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    April 6, 2011
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    November 22, 2010

    Man Stranded 5 Days on Island During Rubber Raft Voyage Still Wants To Reach San Francisco

    Soon to be in San Francisco‚ÄčA man attempting to paddle a rubber raft from Sacramento to San Francisco was stranded for five days on a small island in the Delta. Notwithstanding, the 54-year-old Northridge resident plans on continuing his voyage to San Francisco, said Levi Read, a spokesman for the ... More >>

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    September 15, 2010

    San Bruno Fire: What Does PG&E Rupture Portend For 'The Big One'?

    Smi23leIs this going to be our fate, writ large, when The Big One hits? ‚ÄčTurns out, what you don't know can hurt you. It can even kill you. We don't give much thought to the network of aging PG&E piplelines running beneath our feet,and powering the flames beneath our pots and pans. But a ruptu ... More >>

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    July 14, 2004

    Duff, Dumb, and Blond

    There's no magic in this Cinderella Story

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    August 27, 2003

    Free Spirits

    You have to be a little bit nuts -- in a good way -- to own an independent bookstore

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    April 9, 2003

    Ecstasy Is an Art Car

    Philo Northrup and his wacky automotive tribe take a road trip to places in California you can't even imagine

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    August 21, 2002


    A two-day festival of plays about the Middle East can't live up to its promising subject matter

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    July 10, 2002

    Misplaced Priorities 101

    Amid a drastic budget crisis, why is the California State University system spending $400 million on computers? And where is the money coming from?

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    November 21, 2001

    Holiday Highlights 2001

    Holiday Event Lisitngs

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    August 15, 2001

    Letters to the Editor

    Shake, Rattle, and Roll;Musical Notes;Puni, Unlike Muni, Keeps Rolling Along

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    August 1, 2001

    Rubble With a Mortgage

    What could be worse than a devasting earthquake in the Bay Area? The day after, when we all realize that no one is covered by insurance.

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    October 13, 1999

    Boxed Ears

    From minimalism to Nixon in China to the pop musical, Berkeley composer John Adams has gleefully ignored the boundaries of composition

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    November 11, 1998

    He'll Be There

    Willie Hutch wrote one of the greatest songs ever, but he ain't done yet

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    March 25, 1998

    What's the Harman a Big Checchi Account?

    Conflict of interest and the Democrats' wealthy wannabe governors

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    March 26, 1997

    Portrait of the Soul-Jacker

    Police call Bernard Temple the meanest hit man ever to roam the gang-infested streets of Bayview-Hunters Point. Temple calls himself a soul-jacker -- someone who kills to steal the spiritual power of his victims.

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    March 20, 1996

    Masters of Disaster

    The San Francisco Office of Emergency Services unveils its new post-apocalypse playbook

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    August 30, 1995

    The Jolt Patrol

    QuakeProof profits from the coming apocalypse

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    May 17, 1995

    A Bang and a Whimper

    I Was Looking packs a theatrical jolt; Remains is merely jolting

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    February 22, 1995
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