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    July 3, 2013
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    June 19, 2013

    All Signs Point to"Yes" for Marriage Equality

    The gay marriage ruling we've all been waiting for could finally come tomorrow. Until then, you can watch and listen as every politician and political wonk weighs in, mostly favorably, giving the gay community the boost it needs. Today we heard from Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, who became the third GO ... More >>

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    June 11, 2013

    NSA Surveillance Shouldn't Be a Religious Issue

    Perhaps the best take on last week's revelations about how the government is collecting all our phone records came from David Simon, who actually got it wrong. I say "best" because Simon, standing nearly alone in the middle of a battlefield with screeching hyenas on one side and credulous buffoons ... More >>

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    April 12, 2013

    New Law Would Help California Pot Clubs Get The Feds Off Their Backs

    Today, a California Congressman introduced legislation that would finally give pot clubs the smoke break they deserve. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) rolled out a new bill that would modify the federal Controlled Substances Act so anyone complying with state marijuana laws, (i.e. pot clubs ... More >>

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    April 4, 2013

    All the Polls Say Majority of Americans Favor Marijuana Legalization

    Gallup, Pew, straw -- whatever poll you take, the result of late is the same: a majority of Americans think marijuana should be legal. Today's offering is from the Pew Research Center, which has been gauging the public's desire on drug policy since the 1960s. And "for the first time in more than fo ... More >>

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    March 25, 2013

    The Chron Finally Launches Its (Leaky) Paywall

    The paywall that San Francisco Chronicle flirted with for years appeared over the weekend, accompanied by a euphemistic letter from Chron president Mark Adkins. He characterized it as a safe harbor for the paper's "premium content" (ie, news and columns) "uncluttered" by the slideshows, celebrity go ... More >>

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    January 15, 2013

    UC College Girls Tap Sugar Daddies for Tuition

    UC college chicks don't need daddy to pay for school and all those four-year parties anymore, but what they do need are their sugar daddies. A new study shows that an increasing number of female students from UC Berkeley and UC Davis are tapping sugar daddies for college tuition -- and they have hi ... More >>

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    February 14, 2012

    News Sites Can't Rely on Advertising

    ‚ÄčI'm not about to pretend that I know how to solve the economic dilemma that the news business finds itself in. I've been studying the matter, and writing about it off and on, for 16 years, and, like everyone, I really don't know. Maybe it will be nonprofits. Maybe paywalls. Maybe micropayments wi ... More >>

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    May 9, 2011 Readers Are Crazy Old Men

    Avid reader‚ÄčIf you've ever been reading SF Gate comments and had the image of a old man sitting on a porch wearing long pajamas and brandishing a shotgun, well, you've got some data to back you up now.According to a new report published by Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence ... More >>

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    March 26, 2008

    Building Racism

    Segregation and racism are used to pit black and Latino carpenters against each other at a low-income-housing site

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    December 29, 2004

    The Jester Speaks the Truth

    We know you get your news from comedians. Now here's one of the best.

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    November 17, 2004

    Moral Inferiority

    S.F. Democrats have talked "values" for years, but it's all been empty talk. To make a national comeback, Demos need to concentrate on moral works.

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