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    March 21, 2014

    Baseball 2014: Jeter, A-Rod, Oprah, and a Giants-Dodgers Dogfight

    This is just too easy. Can of corn. It's like, some of this stuff, I can just pluck right out of last year's column. As baseball season kicks off tonight, here are my predictions for 2014:

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    December 19, 2012
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    April 11, 2012

    Bryan Stow Will Be Cheering on the Giants Friday

    It's been a long road for Giants fan Bryan Stow, who was savagely beaten into a coma after watching his home team play against the Dodgers in Los Angeles last year. And while the Giants would love nothing more than to kick off the 2012 season with Stow at the mound, it looks like the former paramedi ... More >>

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    April 11, 2012

    Emily Luchetti Hawks Giants-Themed Cookies on Opening Day

    The terms "baseball" and "baked goods" don't normally go together -- unless you're talking about Dock Ellis, the former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher who managed to toss a no-hitter while high on acid. Well, San Francisco does take on Pittsburgh in Friday's home-opener. Ellis retired more than 30 years ... More >>

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    March 29, 2012

    Giants' New Aircraft, Sandbox, and Beer Kiosk Won't Replace Matt Cain

    ​Giants fans are getting the Opening Day jitters, as they prepare to watch their favorite World Series team take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in San Francisco on April 13. And this year, fans have more than the return of a healthy Buster Posey to look forward to.

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    May 18, 2011

    Here Is Your Best Chance to Sleep with Buster Posey

    If there was a chance ... ​SF Weekly spent a lot of not-so-free time deciding what is truly San Francisco's best ... including best bars, food, and yes, best chance to sleep with Giants heartthrob Buster Posey. Here is our best guess:The reigning Rookie of the Year is a married man, as the ladies ... More >>

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    March 30, 2011

    San Francisco Giants: a Season in the Sun

    Year One commences ​The World Champion San Francisco Giants -- it never gets old -- moments ago executed a ninth-inning comeback to win the last game of the year that doesn't matter at all. Wednesday was the epitome of a gorgeous Northern California day. The ballpark looked the same as before, the ... More >>

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    January 21, 2010

    It's Your 2010 Women's Pro Soccer Fashion Show!

    Last season, we channeled our inner Mr. Blackwells and critiqued the uniforms worn during the initial year of the San Francisco-based Women's Professional Soccer league. This year, the league asked us to do it again -- no joke. So, what the hell. We're getting the band back together! Everybody ... More >>

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    July 29, 2009

    When it Comes to Trade Deadline Sluggers, Ryan Garko Is About as Big as the Giants Go

    Ryan Garko is not supernatural -- but, then, who is?​Moments after the San Francisco Giants obtained first baseman Ryan Garko in exchange for a Single-A pitcher 99 percent of the team's fans had never heard of, the Internet critiques came in two flavors: No. 1 -- Ryan Garko ain't all that. No. 2 - ... More >>

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    July 19, 2006

    This Is Your Sport Off Drugs

    If only baseball would deal with the drug problem instead of cowering in fear

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    March 15, 2006

    Giant Fake

    Is baseball star Barry Bonds a juiced-up deceiver or just the greatest and most maligned player in baseball history? Find out where you stand!

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    March 24, 2004

    Apology Accepted

    You may be an unwitting Barry Bonds apologist. Take our quiz and find out!

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    April 9, 2003

    Fair Ball

    Love of the national pastime, on display at a downtown art gallery

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    September 25, 2002

    The Sporting Life

    Where to watch baseball and football on 16, 17, or 18 TVs

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    September 6, 2000

    Bow to the King

    Or, why we love Barry Bonds, even when he's a royal Jerk

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    April 15, 1998

    Baseball's Orphans

    Why are 74 old-timers -- players who helped create the multibillion-dollar business called Major League Baseball -- still without pensions?

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    October 2, 1996

    They Can't Be Giants

    In the clubhouse, the press box, the seats, malaise pervaded this season's swan song

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