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    April 7, 2014

    Michael Petrelis, Blogger Arrested Trying to Photograph Supe. Wiener's Wiener, Is Running for Supervisor

    Gay activist/blogger and City Hall gadfly Michael Petrelis kicked off his campaign for District 8 Supervisor on Saturday, determined to unseat his nemesis Supervisor Scott Wiener. If you recall, the duo made headlines a few years ago after Wiener got a restraining order against Petrelis who had sh ... More >>

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    October 28, 2013

    Soda Wars: Scott Wiener to Propose Beverage Tax

    It was a move that went down easier than a Dr Pepper on a hot summer's day: Supervisor Scott Wiener packaged an alarmingly thorough press release announcing his proposal to levy a tax upon sugary beverages with a big writeup in the Chronicle.  Whether San Francisco voters will slurp up a measur ... More >>

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    September 27, 2013

    Bike Share Must Go Corporate, Supervisor Scott Wiener Says

    Supervisor Scott Wiener recently announced plans to make the Bay Area bike sharing program worth the ride. Curious about how he planned to expand the program so that more people could get more places, I called Wiener to explain. Last week, at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting, Wiener c ... More >>

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    August 7, 2013
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    July 30, 2013

    Do You Double Park? Supervisor Scott Wiener Is Going To Make Your Life Hell

    You know who else is tired of your double parking around town? Supervisor Scott Wiener. That's right the man who banned naked penises is now turning his efforts toward irreverent drivers who think they can park any damn place they please. And there's a reason drivers think that -- because they kin ... More >>

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    June 14, 2013

    Michael Petrelis Didn't Learn a Damn Thing

    There's a wonderful scene in Mel Brooks' original version of The Producers in which a jury foreman rises and states "We find the defendants incredibly guilty." In related news, blogger Michael Petrelis this week pleaded no contest to charges stemming from his admitted attempt to photograph Superviso ... More >>

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    April 12, 2013

    Is CEQA Bad For Bike Projects?

    I wade into the ongoing debate over CEQA, with much unease. For starters, the minute that I start to explain that CEQA stands for the California Environmental Quality Act and that San Francisco City Hall's administration of that particular law is the subject of a long-running and heated political d ... More >>

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    March 8, 2013

    Cyclists Aren't Just Stop Sign Blowing Pricks in Skinny Jeans

    I was waiting at a red light last week while on my way to meet some friends after work when a pedestrian in the crosswalk started talking to me. That, in and of itself, makes for a noteworthy event. Save to signal or, very occasionally, to register my profound displeasure with someone, I rarely int ... More >>

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    February 20, 2013
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    February 13, 2013
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    February 13, 2013
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    January 29, 2013

    Now That He's Done Fighting Public Nudists, Supervisor Scott Wiener Fights Crime

    Now that public nudity has kinda lost its sex appeal, Supervisor Scott Wiener has decided to turn his attention to a more alluring issue: the recent uptick in crime. Following a two-month unusual wave of violent crimes in the Castro/Upper Market neighborhood, Wiener held a community meeting last n ... More >>

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    January 15, 2013

    Scott Wiener Will Be Next Land-Use Chair, Mark Farrell to Head Budget

    SF Weekly has learned that Board President David Chiu will award both of the city's most influential committee chairmanships to his moderate colleagues. Supervisor Scott Wiener will be the chairman of the land-use committee. Supervisor Mark Farrell will be named the chair of the budget committee.&nb ... More >>

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    January 14, 2013

    Scott Wiener Shocked, Honored by Award From Grindr

    Supervisor Scott Wiener is not a Grindr user -- but, it turns out, many users of the service look up to him, even as they're looking up nearby men to get to know better. Grindr -- a gay dating site aimed at those not necessarily looking for Mr. Right but Mr. Right Now -- established a Best of 2012 a ... More >>

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    January 7, 2013

    Ballsy Blogger Who Tried to Photograph Supervisor Wiener's Wiener Back in Court

    The pesky citizen blogger who admitted online to trying to snap a picture of Supervisor Scott Wiener's wiener while in the men's bathroom at City Hall says he'll be back in court today to deal with the legality of his bathroom etiquette. Michael Petrelis was arrested in November after Supervisor W ... More >>

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    January 7, 2013

    Nudists Hope Their Naked Bodies Will Stop Supervisor Scott Wiener From Rising Politically

    If nudists weren't using their nakedness to make a political statement before, they sure are now. San Francisco's naturalists are planning to strip down once again at City Hall tomorrow when the Board of Supervisors is expected to select its next president. The nudists hope that dropping trou will ... More >>

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    December 5, 2012

    Blogger Arrested for Trying to Photograph Supervisor Wiener's Wiener Heads to Court

    Last week, we told you about the ballsy local blogger who admitted online he tried to snap a photo of Supervisor Scott Wiener's wiener while in the men's bathroom at City Hall. After being arrested for the indecent act, Michael Petrelis is expected to appear in court this morning to answer to charge ... More >>

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    December 4, 2012

    Supervisor Scott Wiener Calls for Hearing to Stop Cellphone Robberies

    Now that he's put an end to public nudity, Supervisor Scott Wiener wants to put an end to cellphone robberies in San Francisco. With cellphone robberies on the rise, Wiener is hoping to meet with cops, merchants, and the District Attorney to talk about how San Francisco can stop these often violen ... More >>

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    November 30, 2012

    Local Blogger Arrested for Trying to Photograph Supervisor Scott Wiener's Wiener

    Local blogger Michael Petrelis says he was arrested yesterday after he snapped a photo of his San Francisco nemesis Supervisor Scott Wiener in the men's bathroom at City Hall. Petrelis first informed the public of the drama on his personal blog, the Petrelis files, where he explained how he was inte ... More >>

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    November 13, 2012

    S.F. Nudists Retain Attorney to Fight Proposed Ban on Naked People

    The naked folks of San Francisco are gearing up to launch a class-action lawsuit against city officials in attempt to block Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposed ban on nudity.  Prolific nudist Mitch Hightower announced this morning that the group has hired Christina DiEdoardo as their (clothed?) ... More >>

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    November 12, 2012

    S.F. Nudists Attract Documentary Filmmakers

    Maybe Supervisor Scott Wiener doesn't want to see your wiener in public, but these guys do.On Wednesday, award-winning documentary filmmakers Jan Dalchow and Kenneth Sortland Myklebust, the author of 1,000 Bodies Project, will be flying in from Norway to snap photos and film naked people in San Fran ... More >>

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    October 19, 2012

    How Many Wieners Is Too Many Wieners in San Francisco?

    As of late, the news is all about wieners. If it isn't about Supervisor Scott Wiener, then it's public nudists showing off their wieners -- or worse -- headlines about Supervisor Scott Wiener complaining about seeing too many wieners in public. Needless to say, the last thing San Francisco really ne ... More >>

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    October 5, 2012

    Nudists to Rally for Naked People, But Kindly Ask That You Leave Your Hard-Ons at Home

    Now that Supervisor Scott Wiener has officially introduced legislation to ban public nudity, naked people are organizing a (clothing-optional) fight.If you really want to get your point across, then go ahead and mark Oct. 20 as a day you plan to spend naked in public. The nudists of San Francisco ar ... More >>

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    September 21, 2012

    Drop Your Pants, People, the San Francisco Nude-In Is Tomorrow

    San Francisco's nudists have big plans to show Supervisor Scott Wiener their wieners tomorrow at the Castro Nude-In. A group of buck-naked people will congregate on the Jane Warner Plaza at noon tomorrow to hang out -- literally -- and be naked. You can expect there to be a big turn out this year am ... More >>

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    September 20, 2012

    Nudists to Supervisor Scott Wiener: Banning Naked People Is "Totally Un-San Franciscan"

    San Francisco's most committed nudists are working hard to preserve their freedom to flap those penises all around in public. A local naked person started a petition asking the Board of Supervisors to refuse any legislation that might come before them banning public nudity. Consider it a preemptive ... More >>

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    July 24, 2012

    Supervisor Wiener Wants Healthy SF to Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery

    Healthy San Francisco, the city's attempt at universal healthcare, has helped many local residents who don't have health insurance receive affordable medical treatment. But who is hasn't helped entirely are San Francisco's transgender residents seeking certain medical procedures, such as gender reas ... More >>

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    June 12, 2012

    Supervisor Scott Wiener Hopes to Get Rid of Irrelevant Laws

    It's a little late for Spring cleaning, but don't tell that to Supervisor Scott Wiener, who has big plans to sweep away the city's old and somewhat unnecessary laws that aren't really do much for us anyway."As legislators we pass a significant amount of legislation to address issues facing San Franc ... More >>

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    April 10, 2012

    Scott Wiener Tripped Up By Pickett Line

    If ever a city union set up a picket line outside a burning building and elected city officials came barreling toward the exit, we suspect they'd cross labor and remain alive. But, in a moment akin to Jack Benny's response to a mugger's demand of "Your money or your life" they'd take a moment to thi ... More >>

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    February 28, 2012

    More on Food Trucks and Schools: Shrinking SF Guidelines, Amending AB 1678

    ​Last week, SFoodie reported that a new bill introduced into the state assembly threatens San Francisco's growing street food scene. AB 1678, introduced by Assemblymember Bill Monning of Carmel, would prohibit food trucks from parking within 1,500 feet of any elementary or secondary school during ... More >>

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    February 7, 2012

    Supervisor Wiener Introduces Legislation to Let Food Trucks Park on Colleges

    ​In December 2010, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed new legislation revising the city's regulations for food trucks seeking to park on the street. The goal: helping San Francisco's street food scene grow and making it easier for food truck operators get up and running. In the pas ... More >>

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    December 19, 2011

    Supervisor Scott Wiener Targeted for Recall By Progressive Group

    We thought trying to curb public nudity was progressive?​SF Weekly recently pointed out in a cover story just how impotent the progressive movement in San Francisco has become. It seems a small group, comprising many of the usual progressives in town (progressive stalwart Chris Daly is a friend of ... More >>

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    October 18, 2011

    Scott Wiener Wants Dogwalkers to Pay to Use Parks

    NinaZed via FlickrMan's best friends, unless that man is Supervisor Scott Wiener ​Last month Supervisor Scott Wiener launched his campaign against San Francisco's nudists and their chorus of exposed cocks. Now he's turned his attention to (naked) man's best friend. The supervisor says he will intr ... More >>

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    September 9, 2011

    Take Your Pants Off! Nude-In Planned for Later This Month

    They better have towels to sit on​Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposal to sanitize public nudity has only given San Francisco's exhibitionists more reason to strip down and go au naturel.A group of nudists are planning to take off their clothes at noon on Saturday, Sept. 24 on the Castro Commons an ... More >>

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    July 22, 2011

    San Francisco to Vote on Whether It Votes Too Much

    Thomas Nast​San Franciscans vote on too much stuff. Do we agree? Let's vote on it. This is the epitome of Supervisor Scott Wiener's potential charter amendment, which six of his colleagues on Tuesday agreed to place on the ballot. But wait, there's more. Wiener says he hopes his legislation would ... More >>

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    June 14, 2011

    Is Weiner Bad for the Wieners?

    Deeply ashamed...​The ongoing scandal involving Rep. Anthony Weiner is embarrassing. Embarrassing for him, his family, his party, Twitter, and all short, hairless men who beam photos of their junk through the Internet. But it's most embarrassing for fellow Weiners. Supervisor Scott Wiener is not a ... More >>

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    May 17, 2011

    Supervisor Scott Wiener Opposes Fare Increase for "Inadequate Taxi Service"

    Has visceral feelings about the MTA ​Yesterday, we told you about how the Municipal Transportation Agency was seriously considering making San Francisco one of the most expensive cities in the nation to travel by taxi. And if anything riles residents into raging convulsions it is Muni delays, park ... More >>

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    April 14, 2011

    Eagle Tavern Closure: Supervisors Send a Letter of 'Deep Concern' to SFPD

    Always a good crowd at the Eagle ​Supervisors Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, and David Campos sent SF Weekly a letter addressed to acting Police Chief Jeff Godown, instructing him to "closely scrutinize" any transfer of the liquor license to ensure that the Eagle Tavern remains as we know it today.The ... More >>

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    April 5, 2011

    Scott Wiener Wants to Give Supes Power to Repeal Ballot Initiatives

    Supervisor Scott Wiener​Supervisor Scott Wiener says he plans to propose a charter amendment at today's Board of Supervisors meeting that would grant the supes power to amend or appeal ballot initiatives approved by voters --  a step he insists will help reduce the number of such measures San ... More >>

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    April 5, 2011

    Scott Wiener Stars in Muni Accident Video

    A little while back, a prize was offered to anyone who could snap a photo of erstwhile Mayor Gavin Newsom on Muni. No winner ever stepped forward. A contest to catch Supervisor Scott Wiener on public conveyances would be short-lived, however. If a guy bangs his head on the roof of the train -- odds ... More >>

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    February 28, 2011

    Scott Wiener Shuns Predecessor Bevan Dufty, Endorses Dennis Herrera for Mayor

    Not Supervisor Scott Wiener's pick...for mayor ​On paper, it would seem to be a dead cert that Supervisor Scott Wiener would endorse his predecessor Bevan Dufty for mayor. They're both gay moderates from District 8 -- and incredibly tall (no, wait, that's just Wiener). Yet the tall one announced t ... More >>

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    February 7, 2011

    Scott Wiener Helps House Arson Victims

    Putting out fires​This past weekend, Supervisor Scott Wiener toured the aftermath of last week's fires that devastated pockets of his district and displaced a handful of residents in what investigators believe to be the work of a serial arsonist. Standing amid the ashes, Wiener realized the city n ... More >>

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    February 1, 2011

    What Do Preservationists Stand to Gain from Conserving Buildings?

    Scott Wiener helps developers, not preservation ​Last week, we wrote about how Supervisor Scott Wiener was trying to push back the preservationist movement from conserving every crumbling building and sign in our fair city. As it turns out, some preservationists could potentially gain -- personall ... More >>

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    January 12, 2011

    Scott Wiener Is Too Big For His Desk

    Squeezing In​We noticed that freshman Supervisor Scott Wiener didn't look so comfortable during his first Board of Supervisors meeting, mostly because he wasn't fitting in -- literally.The 6-foot-7 supervisor will be spending many long hours behind a desk that makes him look like an adult in a chi ... More >>

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    November 9, 2010

    San Franscisco Voting: All Leaders Expand Margins

    ​Earlier today, city election chief John Arntz told us that today's most recent round of ranked-choice voting tabulations determine "nothing." Fair enough. But it's better to win than to lose, and it's better to be ahead than behind. You can bet that all the politicos involved and their supporters ... More >>

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    November 5, 2010

    A Wiener Grows in the Castro

    The election was depressing. Watching Buster Posey on TV is not.​The Week In GayA heartfelt apology to Betty Smith, author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. But who can resist cracking wise about the name of the presumptive winner in race to represent District 8? You've gotta recognize the magnitude of ... More >>

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    November 5, 2010

    Ranked-Choice Voting Totals For San Francisco -- Are These Our Next Supervisors?

    She's ranked Nos. 1, 2, and 3 in our voting​San Francisco's Department of Elections moments ago released its most up-to-date voting data yet -- and Mark Farrell, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen are all smiling. Smiling nervously, but smiling.  Today is the first tally using ranked-cho ... More >>

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    October 7, 2010

    Scott Wiener: Muni 'Beyond Incompetent'

    Scott Wiener vents about Muni -- and it didn't have to do with a lack of leg room​Tell us how you really feel, Scott Wiener. Caught in the middle of this afternoon's massive Muni delays triggered by a power outage at the train system's central control station, and late to a candidate interview at ... More >>

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    July 24, 2009

    While San Fran Attempts to Butt Into Legal Challenge to Prop. 8, Pair of Gay Supe Hopefuls Plead for Patience

    Scott Wiener This week, City Attorney Dennis Herrera petitioned to become a party in the case challenging Prop. 8 in federal district court, ramming full speed ahead into the legal challenge to the same-sex marriage ballot initiative.Meanwhile, the debate continues about when same-sex ... More >>

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    March 30, 2009

    Sound and Fury: Parsing the DCCC's Immigration Stance

    What happens when the shouting's over?San Francisco's powerful Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) made headlines last week when, after heated debate, it passed a resolution assailing Mayor Gavin Newsom's take on the sanctuary city policy -- a decades-old commitment by local public officials ... More >>

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    July 25, 2008
  • More >>
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