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    July 11, 2012

    Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese on Improvising, Technology, and Why He Doesn't Like Remixes

    Along with contemporaries and countrymen Kraftwerk, pioneering German electronic music group Tangerine Dream stands as one of the most influential acts to ever plug in a synthesizer. Founded by keyboardist/guitarist Edgar Froese in 1967, Tangerine Dream got its start creating ferociously psychedelic ... More >>

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    October 21, 2010

    Manchester's Delphic: 'With Electronic Music You Can Do Anything'

    ​Manchester quartet Delphic is the latest outfit to be anointed "Best New Band in England" by a British music press notorious for going apeshit over bands that often aren't worthy of the praise, only to knock them down later. Fortunately, Delphic's debut LP, Acolyte -- wherein a New Order hea ... More >>

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    September 24, 2010

    Eight Great Moments In Musical Punctuation History

    Courtesy​September 24 is National Punctuation Day, at least according to a guy with a cape in Northern California. (He's still probably cooler than Lynne Truss.) Today is the day that we brittle purists may with impunity box the ears of apostrophe abusers, comma splicers ... More >>

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    April 12, 2010

    Saturday is Record Store Day: Limited-Edition Releases, Rare In-Stores

      Record Store Day, that annual record-buying rite of spring that will rock independent music sellers across the world, hits again this Saturday, April 17. The event is a two-fold celebration: it's a chance for bands to put out small-run, limited-addition releases ... More >>

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    February 3, 2010

    Local Frequency: Bay Area Artist Q&A w/ Rykarda Parasol

    Shot at the Walter Maciel Gallery, LA. Robb Putnam wall art and sculptureSarah Morrison Photography. Josette Church Makeup. ​On her second full-length effort, For Blood and Wine, Rykarda Parasol invites you on a journey where the main character, a lawless woman trapped in time, drifts between the ... More >>

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    December 13, 2009

    Last Night: Metallica at HP Pavillion

    ​Metallica December 12, 2009 HP Pavilion At San Jose Better than: Getting drunk with your boss at the office holiday party. Still alive and kicking out the jams more than a quarter of a century after making Kill 'Em All, Metallica doesn't really have anything left to prove. The band members are ... More >>

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    July 15, 2009
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    May 16, 2009

    Last Night: Loney, Dear at Bottom of the Hill

    Words by Jenna Humphrey (photo by Peter Beste) Loney DearMay 15, 2009Bottom of the Hill Better Than: Pretending that you actually like to play beer pong. It happens. Music that seems young and raw initially sounds like adult contemporary soft rock the more you hear it. Furthermore, you st ... More >>

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    May 24, 2006

    Under the Influence

    Mogwai gives new meaning to the term buzz band

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    May 25, 2005

    Skin Crawls

    Gregg Araki's latest is more icky than mysterious

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    January 5, 2005

    From Mountains to Music Criticism

    How does a month spent alone in the Sierra Nevadas stack up to spending a night with four local bands?

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    October 1, 2003

    Behind the Music Videos

    There are some pretty cool videos out there, but you won't see them on MTV

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    August 13, 2003

    The Wrath of Gahan

    With the release of his solo debut, the Depeche Mode frontman completes the ultimate rock 'n' roll star trek: Success, Overdose, Resurrection

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    June 18, 2003

    Of Noise and Nuance

    Glasgow's Mogwai delivers Happy Songs for Happy People and still manages to be the loudest band on Earth

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    March 5, 2003

    Aural Borealis

    Norway's Röyksopp shines the northern lights on downtempo electronica

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    October 17, 2001

    Pop Philosophy

    The other Friends; planned insurrection

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