The Posies (Musical Group)

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    March 28, 2007
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    November 10, 2004

    Hot Dark Metal Revival

    Forget Black Sabbath. Don't even mention The Darkness. Dirty Power will lead the hard rock revolution to come.

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    August 4, 2004

    Hear This

    Oneida: A disaster waiting to happen. Plus Ken Stringfellow, a lovable singer/songwriter

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    January 28, 2004

    The Church

    Forget Yourself

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    March 13, 2002

    Music Lesson

    At Noise Pop, Alex Chilton proves you can be a fucked-up rock star and survive

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    April 4, 2001

    Young Fresh Fellows vs. The Minus 5; Soft Boys

    Because We Hate You / Let The War Against Music Begin (Mammoth); Underwater Moonlight (Matador)

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    August 2, 2000

    House Of Tudor

    Baypop; Causey Way; Multiple Sensations; The Sparks Festival

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    August 27, 1997

    riff raff

    Take a Really Deep Breath

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    June 4, 1997
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