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    July 18, 2014

    How Many Californias Is Too Many Californias?

    Venture capitalist Tim Draper opened a Pandora's Box with his ballot measure to carve California into six autonomous states -- one occupied by Silicon Valley. It turns out that other California secessionists already had their scalpels in hand. We had predicted that "Six Californias" would be a boon ... More >>

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    April 23, 2014
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    November 27, 2013
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    April 29, 2013

    Bang with Friends Attracts Investors, Yet It's Still Easier to Text Someone for a Booty Call

    Bang With Friends, the prurient web application that allows you to click on Facebook friends and invite them for a roll in the hay, has evidently raised $1 million in its first round of venture funding. Yep, you read that right -- $1 million for an app that was created by three (probably) drunk tech ... More >>

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    April 10, 1996

    Fish Story

    Red Herring Editor Tony Perkins is a self-described maverick, a stylish fast-talker with a knack for making friends and influencing people in the high-tech world. Not bad traits for a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, but are they what it takes to publish a "m

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