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    December 24, 2008

    Year of the Ram

    Mickey Rourke climbs back in the ring with The Wrestler.

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    December 3, 2008

    Spinning Blues Into Lies

    Cadillac Records can't handle the truth.

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    September 17, 2008

    Biblical Proportions

    The best four-plus hours, plus Jesus, round out this year's Toronto film fest.

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    September 9, 2008
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    September 3, 2008

    In the Heat of the Knight

    Summer '08: Batman saved the season, while a little Sex went a long way and the indies went south.

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    September 3, 2008

    San Francisco in Canada

    Lots of locals in the Toronto Film Fest.

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    February 13, 2008
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    December 12, 2007

    Knocked Up

    Teen pregnancy, hilarious and sweet, in the indie-licious Juno

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    April 25, 2007

    Phone Noir

    Movies shot on cellphones. Downloadable features. In its 50th year, the S.F. International Film Festival looks to the future of filmmaking and film-watching.

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    October 25, 2006

    History Lessons

    The story of an '80s anti-apartheid activist carries overtones of the present

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    October 4, 2006

    Film Orgy

    An abundance of the best international cinema at the 2006 Telluride and Toronto film festivals

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    October 4, 2006

    Food for the Soul

    Wonderful fried chicken and fixings for dinner and brunch at the corner of Funky and Town

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    August 16, 2006

    The Break-Ups

    Stale romantic comedy has neither romance nor comedy

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    June 14, 2006

    Slam Dunk

    How the story of a high school basketball team ended up much more

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    March 1, 2006

    Get Down With Dave

    Chappelle returns with a raucous Block Party

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    February 1, 2006

    Mild Wilde

    A Good Woman would benefit from a good actor or two

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    October 12, 2005

    Crowe Flies Home

    Elizabethtown is a mess, not that its director should care

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    October 8, 2003

    Letters to the Editor

    Week of October 8, 2003

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    September 3, 2003

    Time of the Gypsies

    The S.F. International Film Festival loses a programming director

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    April 9, 2003

    Making Their Own Luck

    Guerrilla marketeers hit the streets to push a new film about Asian-American high schoolers gone bad

  • Culture

    January 22, 2003

    Blood Money

    Why John Cusack wouldn't do anything till he made this Hitler movie

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    August 14, 2002

    El Norte

    The Festival íCine Latino! goes for the big prize at this year's opening and closing events

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    March 15, 2000

    Reel World

    You're a Big Boy Now and The Conversation

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    April 15, 1998
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