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Sports & Recreation

  • Best Pickup Game Drug Scene

    Dolores Park

    Anyone who's stood back and watched what passes for basketball on the tennis court surface of Dolores Park's hoops cage has probably asked himself what those guys are smoking. What with the endlessly incoherent, befuddled pace, the bizarre improvisations, and the masses of players who sometimes wait more than an hour for a game on weekends, it's only natural to wonder. Well, for a hint, swing by the illuminated courts almost any night of the week. And there they are,... More >>

  • Best Place to Meet Limber Chicks and Get a Good Stretch

    Yoga Tree Stanyan

    Everybody knows chicks love yoga. And any dating expert will tell you that in order to score, you need to put yourself in the mix. In other words, go where the ladies go. Which is why any single, heterosexual man on the prowl should take a class at Yoga Tree, a studio that attracts an overwhelmingly large ratio of young, attractive, twentysomething females to its classes. A recent beginning Hatha yoga class on Saturday morning had a male/female ratio of... More >>

  • Best Place to Get Your First Date Seminaked

    Kabuki Springs & Spa

    In an age of genital warts and AIDS, it may take weeks -- months even -- before you get a glimpse of your date's really important parts. That's a lot of time, money, and energy spent without any chance to check out the goods. Wondering if your he-man's sporting love handles or a six-pack? Curious if your hot tamale's packing cellulite? Then instead of dinner and a movie, check out Japantown's Kabuki Springs and Spas. Designed in the ancient tradition... More >>

  • Best Spot for Serious Surfers

    Ocean Beach

    Pacifica is fine for newbies and Santa Cruz is great if you have the time for a drive, but for serious local riders the broad, ever-changing wave field of Ocean Beach can't be beat. It can be tough to paddle out, but once you do, the feeling of freedom is like nothing else. Unlike other surf destinations, Ocean Beach doesn't have a sweet spot; depending on the day, any part might be going off. Because its riptides -- the surface... More >>

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