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  • Best Bike Repairs on the Cheap

    Bike Kitchen

    Maybe it's about gas prices. Maybe it's about love handles. Maybe it's the idea of flying down Market with the wind in your hair. Whatever the excuse, it's time to dust off the Huffy and ride. To get that old horse running, hit the Bike Kitchen, a cooperative repair shop with a full tool set and volunteer mechanics. They won't fix it for you, they'll teach you to fix it yourself. Patrons are encouraged (not required) to buy memberships in... More >>

  • Best Place to Play Air Hockey

    Kennedy's Irish Pub and Curry House

    Yes, it's as weird a combination as it sounds. But what this place lacks in ambience (the bar area is tiny, and the restaurant seating is reminiscent of a mall food court, with bright lights and nondescript tables) it makes up for in arcade fun. Pool tables and video games are available, but the real reason to visit is the air hockey. Frankly, we can't understand how this pastime went out of style: It's fast, competitive, and involves risk to... More >>

  • Best Outdoors Store

    REI San Francisco

    Were we the only ones who jumped up and down when REI opened a store in San Francisco? Surely not. Ground zero for all things outdoors -- gear for camping, hiking, biking, paddling, skiing, snowboarding, running (OK, we'll stop now before we hyperventilate) -- REI has finally come to our town after residing for years in Berkeley and San Carlos. Beyond the sheer selection and the top-notch service from people who really understand the stuff they're selling, the shop offers... More >>

  • Best Alternative to Kinky Sex

    Mission Cliffs Rock Climbing Center

    Looking for new thrills that don't require Astroglide? Try climbing huge plastic rock outcroppings! It's a lot like kinky sex -- you wear a cute little harness, stretch unknown muscles, and lose the ability to control bestial facial expressions. You can even talk dirty with all kinds of smutty-sounding climbing terms like "dogging," "slopper," and "smear." All these depraved pleasures can be had within the 14,000-square-foot cavern of Mission Cliffs. The 50-foot-high main wall might be a little imposing at... More >>

  • Best Bar for Expats to Watch Their Home Sports Teams

    Kezar Pub and Restaurant

    A friend of ours was in Rio de Janeiro for his birthday last year when he wandered into a bar, glanced at the TV, and saw not the inevitable soccer game, but the San Francisco Giants, live via satellite from what was then Pac Bell Park. Myriad charms of Rio notwithstanding, it was the greatest moment of his entire trip. Acute, sports-exacerbated homesickness is an issue in our beautiful city as well, and the best place to relieve those expat-in-limbo... More >>

  • Best Crappy-Bike Repair Shop

    Pedal Revolution Bike Shop

    The vast majority of folks who get around town on two-wheeled vehicles don't pedal about on no-name cycles -- instead, they attack the city's hills on precious $1,000 Bianchi racing bikes and titanium Cannondales that cost more than the first car you ever drove. As a consequence, San Francisco's repair shops have developed a rather nasty snobbishness about the machines they'll deign to touch, and should you drag in your disabled old Huffy or pieced-together Frankenbike, they'll furrow their brows,... More >>

  • Best 1968 Bike Shop

    Bike Hut

    There was a time in San Francisco, long distant now, when life was communal and good. Shopkeepers were as likely to be out back toking a doobie as tending to their stores. If you needed some help -- bike repair work, say -- a shopkeeper might perform it expertly, then ask nothing more than a cold beer in return. Those days are mostly gone now, but at the Bike Hut, a chicken coop-size cabin next to the Giants' ballpark, proprietor... More >>

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