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  • Why Inspect When You Can Raid?

    Last Wednesday in Sonoma County, officials responded to a report of workplace safety violations with armed law enforcement officers in Kevlar and camouflage. Until that day, a major cannabis company called CBD Guild had been producing cannabis oil cartridges, cannabis More >>
  • Marijuana's Billionaire Bogeyman

    For almost a year, American visitors to Las Vegas have been able to go to a show, dine at a celebrity chef's restaurant, drink, gamble — and legally buy cannabis. Nevada was the first state in the nation to offer More >>
  • A Cannabis Tax Revolt

    This story has been updated. At least one part of Scarface is accurate — the part when cocaine dealers amass ungodly sums of money and use it to transform the Miami skyline. So much cash was flowing into southern Florida More >>
  • Weed's Race War Continues

    One of the chief arguments against legalizing cannabis in California is that legalization is not needed. In 2010, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill decriminalizing up to an ounce of cannabis for all adults, no medical-cannabis recommendation from a physician More >>

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