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  • Bar: Barebottle Brew Co.

    The real estate market is so tight, but who knew San Francisco had tons of huge, vacant properties lying around? When it came time to find a home for their brewery, homebrewer Michael Seitz — and his partners Lester Koga More >>
  • Eat: Tratto

    Maybe it's because the Italian-inflected seafood restaurants at the Wharf sucked up all the oxygen, but it's always struck me as unusual that Union Square has so few Italian restaurants. With very few exceptions — Fino on Post Street comes More >>
  • A Peat Primer: Learning to Appreciate Scotch

    Like all great things in life, Scotch is often misunderstood. An alarming number of casual drinkers actually fear the liquid, assuming it to be a smoky spirit, its flavor akin to licking the working end of a chimney. This unshakable More >>
  • Eat: In Situ

    Just as big-budget disaster movies ratchet up the destruction to a planet-wide scale, kitchen ambition almost has to vault into the stratosphere to stand out. Or it does now that Corey Lee's In Situ is open on the ground floor More >>
  • Bye To Bing

    Unless there are more I don't know about, there is a trifecta of sexually suggestive artworks hanging prominently in three dive bars around town: the lady with her boobs out in High Tide, the guy getting mounted by a lion More >>
  • Eat: Tawla

    There aren't too many islands off of California, and apart from a few marine animals — salmon and oysters, mainly — California cuisine looks away from the coast toward the interior, however artificially verdant and unsustainable that agricultural juggernaut may More >>
  • Bar: Laughing Monk Brewery

    I never know what to make of the specter of medieval monks who brewed beer. It's easy to conjure up images of jolly, self-contained communities of men whistling as they worked or clinking steins at communal tables under a crucifix. More >>
  • Eat: LocoL Time 2

    Note: After running it by some friends whose judgment I trust, this story has been updated to delete a self-deprecating passage that struck some readers as being in poor taste. Errors of clarity fall on the writer, so I apologize: More >>

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