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Dick Tracing: A Jogger Hijacks Nike's Technology to Make Obscenity Visible from Space 

Tuesday, Aug 12 2014
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Why yes, that is a giant dick over Cole Valley; and it took runner and San Francisco resident Claire Wyckoff just a hair over 48 minutes to create. Using Nike+ to create art out of her runs, she's been posting the masterpieces to her blog, Running Drawing. Her works of art include Space Invader, Slimer from Ghostbusters, and everyone's favorite: dicks. Her Instagram account says she's "just trying to save the world."

SF Weekly recently caught up with Wyckoff to discuss her process, aspirations, and whether life dick-tates art, or art dick-tates life.

SF Weekly: How long have you been running?

Claire Wyckoff: I've been running off and on for the last 10 years. I run more when I feel fat. Less when I don't feel fat.

Why do you draw shapes when you run?

It just seemed funny. And I think there's something great about using things for the opposite of what they were intended for. I don't think Nike intended for dicks. That's funny to me.

Where did you get the idea?

I honestly looked at my phone one day after a run and I was like, "Huh, you could run pictures." Dicks are always on my mind so that was just the logical next step.

What inspired you to run in dick shapes?

Actually my friend Ali suggested it. Ali is a Persian man, not a sorority girl. He knew that I liked drawing penises on things. I have to give him some credit.

How do you pick your routes?

I look on maps and see if I can see pictures. Or I go in with a picture in mind and see if I can "draw" it in the streets. The route is born when the picture is born.

Do you plan out a dick, or drawing, in your head before you run, or do you make it up as you go?

I map them first to make sure they work.

You run-draw around San Francisco a fair amount. Where else have you made pictures?

Richmond, Va., where I'm from. That's where the Mennonite drawing happened. I almost did one in Maryland but I was too hungover.

Do you have a favorite spot to draw dicks?

Golden Gate Park is nice. And Buena Vista Park made for great balls. In general parks are good because they aren't as angular. In my research, balls aren't angular. I hope I didn't offend anyone with angular balls.

What kind of running shoes and socks do you wear?

Shoes: Nike or whatever was at Nordstrom Rack when I needed shoes.

Socks: Walgreens. 10 packs. White.

Do you take requests? Could you run a dick on Lombard Street?

Sure. I can give it a go!

What's the biggest dick you've ever drawn?

I think the first one was big — that was a 5-mile penis.

Would you ever run a dick marathon?

Would I? Fuck yeah I would.

Do you run alone or do you have a dick-running partner?

My husband runs with me. He's the real hero.

Do you have any future plans to draw other shapes? What about boobs or butts?

I've had a lot of requests for boobs, vag, butts. I think I would like to move on to equally hilarious body parts — I need to see if I can find some good ones in the streets of S.F.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I could probably run poop if people are into that.


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