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Wednesday, Apr 23 2008
A skinny Sasquatch with three eyes wears puffy high-tops and holds an owl. It's obvious that the Sasquatch's thick, wiry fur acts as protection from the bird's talons. No one else could hold a bird that powerful; it's like they were made for each other. Together, they're maybe the only constant in the work of toy-crazed, horny, BMX-bike loving admirer of animals Matt Furie. His pieces, often drawn in colored pencil, show a world razored free of saccharine yet full of cute laughs involving breastfeeding anteaters or bats dressed as dorky suburban teenagers. Don't get comfortable, though, or it'll really mess you up to see a Rubik's Cube womanoid blatantly fucking a blue furry dude with rainbow happiness leaking out of his head. Speaking of heads, at "Heads," Furie indulges his love of faces, hair, scales, teeth, hamburgers, and drooly blood. A head installation and a head wall painting join the head prints and head drawings, as curated by shadowy Mission District collective the Folks. Keep an eye out for a hairy three-eyed greyish-brown head with a feathery companion.
April 18-May 11, 2008

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