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Commentary by Gregg Rickman ( Times compiled from information available Tuesday; it's always advisable to call for confirmation. Price given is standard adult admission; discounts often apply for students, seniors, and members.

We're interested in your film or video event. Please send materials at least two weeks in advance to: Film Editor, SF Weekly, 185 Berry, Suite 3800, San Francisco, CA 94107.


2128 Center (at Shattuck), Berkeley, (510) 464-5980, $9.25 save as noted. One of this venue's two screens is a "calendar house" for Landmark Theatres. For additional screenings, see our Showtimes page.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: The Edukators (Hans Weingartner, Germany, 2004) 8 p.m.

FRIDAY THROUGH THURSDAY (Aug. 12-18): 9 Songs (Michael Winterbottom, U.K., 2004). See Opening for review. Call for times.


992 Valencia (at 21st Street), 824-3890, $5 save as noted. This venue offers all manner of strange and unusual video and film.

THURSDAY (Aug. 11): ANSWER screens Panther (Mario Van Peebles, 1995), a dramatized history of Oakland's Black Panthers 7:30 p.m.


3630 Balboa (at 38th Avenue), 221-8484, $8.50 save as noted. This great neighborhood house shows films of all sorts. See our Showtimes page for additional listings.

WEDNESDAY: Fear and Trembling (Alain Corneau, France, 2004) 12:25, 2:35, 4:45, 7, 9:10 p.m. The word-of-mouth hit -- a two-part, six-hour Italian film -- The Best of Youth (Marco Tullio Giordana, 2003). Separate admission for each part. Part 1 noon. Part 2 4 p.m. GreenCine presents the Narrative Grand Prize winner of the GreenCine Online Film Festival, Red Cockroaches (Miguel Coyula, 2005), "an obsessive-destructive journey" set in a nasty future New York. $8 7:30 p.m.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY: A Louis Malle series opens with his once-sensational drama of adultery The Lovers (1958), with Jeanne Moreau 1:15, 5:10, 9:10 p.m. A still-taboo-breaking family romance of a boy at loose ends in the 1950s, Murmur of the Heart (1971) 3, 7 p.m.

SATURDAY: Two Malles made in the USA, the excellent Atlantic City (1980; 2:45, 7 p.m.) and the Storyville-set period piece (unproduceable by any Hollywood studio today!) Pretty Baby (1978; 12:35, 4:50, 9:05 p.m. ).

SUNDAY: The first three hourlong episodes of Malle's mammoth documentary Phantom India (Part 2 plays next week) 1, 4:30, 8 p.m.

MONDAY: Malle's hugely popular chatfest My Dinner With Andre (1981) sits playwright and actor Wallace Shawn down to talk with stage director Andre Gregory 2:30, 7 p.m. Vanya on 42nd Street (1994) records Gregory's direction of Shawn and Julianne Moore in a production of Chekhov 12:40, 3:55, 6:30, 9:25 p.m.

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY (Aug. 16 & 17): More Malle, with a very fine character study of a man (Maurice Ronet) just discharged from a sanitarium, The Fire Within (1964; 2:35, 7 p.m.), and Jean-Paul Belmondo as The Thief of Paris (1967; 12:15, 4:40, 9:05 p.m.


3010 Geary (at Blake), 751-3213, for this series. This popular little theater offers, in addition to its regular screenings (see Showtimes for listings), a "Midnight Mass" every Saturday (and some Fridays) this summer, hosted by Peaches Christ. $10.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY (Aug. 12 & 13): The "celluloid travesty" Showgirls (Paul Verhoeven, 1995) screens with free lap dances with every large popcorn midnight.


429 Castro (near Market), 621-6120, $8 save as noted. Short-run rep in a spectacular 1922 Greco-Roman-themed palace designed by Timothy L. Pflueger. Evening intermissions feature David Hegarty on the Mighty Wurlitzer.

WEDNESDAY: A 70mm series continues with Johnny Depp as the troubled young Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton, 1990), so far as we know still in his castle 2:30, 4:45, 7, 9:15 p.m.

THURSDAY: The scheduled screening of Hello Dolly has been canceled, due to print unavailability, and replaced with the decidedly nonsinging, nondancing Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958), in 70mm 5, 8 p.m.

FRIDAY: A Federico Fellini series opens with the landmark dance of decadence La Dolce Vita (Italy, 1960; 6 p.m.) and his memory film Amarcord (1973; 9:15 p.m.).

SATURDAY: La Dolce Vita 12:30, 6 p.m. An impressionist portrait of Fellini's Roma 3:45, 9:15 p.m.

SUNDAY: La Dolce Vita noon, 6 p.m. A memorable evocation of a lost civilization, Fellini Satyricon (1969) 3:15, 9:15 p.m.

MONDAY: La Dolce Vita 6 p.m. Donald Sutherland stars as Fellini's Casanova (1976), a coldly brilliant film, very underrated and very hard to see 9:15 p.m.

TUESDAY: La Dolce Vita 6 p.m. A troubled wife's fantasy life makes her Juliet of the Spirits (1965), for all practical purposes a Jungian musical 9:15 p.m.


1901 Junipero Serra (near John Daly), Daly City, (650) 994-7469, for venue, 777-6950 and for this series. The Filipino American Arts Exposition offers a Sine! Sine! Film Festival at this multiplex. $10 per program.

WEDNESDAY (Aug. 10): The final day of this Philippines film fest screens Panaghoy sa Suba (Call of the River, Cesar Montano, 2004), a wartime adventure 12:30 p.m. Magdalena, the Unholy Saint (Santa-Santita, Laurice Guillen, 2004) 2:30 p.m. Naglalayag with no English subtitles 4:30 p.m. A man seeks his wife amid Italy's Filipino worker community in Milan (Olivia Lamasan, 2004) 6:30 p.m. Panaghoy sa Suba 8:30 p.m. Magdalena 10:30 p.m.


2534 Mission (between 21st and 22nd streets), 648-7600, Free with meal. This restaurant screens foreign films, usually in 35mm, on the back wall of its outdoor patio, with drive-in speakers available for the tables of those who want to watch while they dine.

WEDNESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY: This Woody Allen character fell asleep in 1973 and has missed the past 32 years already. Lucky him! Sleeper "Starts at dusk."

MONDAY: Closed.

STARTS TUESDAY: Jewish refugees from Germany find themselves Nowhere in Africa (Caroline Link, Germany, 2001), screening through Sept. 4 "Starts at dusk."


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