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SF Weekly Letter August 21-27, 2013 


Picking Fruit Online

Reading way into what the grocery store has come to represent: The grocery store is now only for the rich or those with food stamps, everyone else has to find another way: churches, hunting, growing your own, barter, rob and steal, traffic drugs ["The Amazing Disappearing Supermarket," Anna Roth, feature, 8/14].


Blog Comments of the Week

Show needs to go back to its roots: I suspect it's too much to hope that the show will also return to its original casting roots and feature interesting young adults who are doing interesting and productive things ["The Real World Returns to San Francisco," Mollie McWilliams, the Exhibitionist, 8/16]. I hate the worthless, parasitic douches who are on the show now.


Reader sees the silver lining in firing: In all honesty, 20 years is a long time to be doing anything ["KMEL DJ Chuy Gomez Loses Job After 20 Years, Bay Area Rap Fans Pissed," Ian S. Port, All Shook Down, 8/16]. Maybe it's time for a change. This guy will get something even better for sure. Twenty years of anything on a résumé means a person is a shoe-in for an even better job. Progression never hurt anyone.


Another Chuy Gomez fan mourns the loss of his voice on KMEL: This is actually a crime. Chuy Gomez has been a positive influence on all kinds of people, for years, and then to be kicked to the curb? It's so wrong. I know he will continue to reach out to his fans wherever he winds up next; Chuy is loved.


Woody Allen movie isn't supposed to cater to locals: Not sure Joe Eskenazi gets it ["Blue Jasmine Could Have Been Filmed in Front of a Blue Screen of San Francisco," the Exhibitionist, 8/15]. No worries, it's not easy to get. Maybe he was thinking the movie was going to be a San Francisco version of Where's Waldo?, with Eskenazi and his friends as Waldo. It's a movie, not an affirmation.


The pricks of the road drive many vehicles: I remember when people used to say that Volvo drivers were terrible ["Confirmed: BMW Drivers Are Total Pricks," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 8/14]. I think Prius took over that slot.


Not everyone saw people behaving badly at Outside Lands: Well, I was there and I was absolutely blown away by how nice, friendly, sweet, and considerate people were ["Outside Lands Brings Out the Worst in People," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 8/12]. My love affair with S.F. only strengthened.

Elisa R.

Revisiting a popular pop artist: Great article; it brought me back to my youth ["1960s Icon Peter Max Talks Art, Music, and His Outside Lands Poster," Jonathan Curiel, All Shook Down, 8/9]. So cool that he designed the 2013 Outside Lands poster! Thanks for writing it!



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