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SF Weekly Letters June 18-24, 2014 


Comic Book World

SF Weekly becomes comics, garners fans: Just want to thank the SF Weekly team and the collaborators for the terrific comics issue [Comics Issue, 6/11]. So smart, so varied, and so fun to hold in print to boot. Special claps for Ellen Wang and Max Wittert, illustrating the impossible! I hope you're all getting the praise you deserve.

John Hendricks

Closing Time

Interesting story on the new suburban flight: This was a really interesting piece ["Queer Flight," Pete Kane, feature, 6/4]. Kind of wished there was a more direct comparison with other cities like Chicago or Houston (New York's demographics would be a bit off by sheer numbers). But good article regardless. Keep up the good work.


Another reader says S.F. will always be the place for queers: San Francisco will always be the safe ground for queers. All S.F. needs is an earthquake and all the techies and supposedly-straights will be running out like little girls. I remember Loma Prieta in '89, and I will stay here until my last day. If any person has a problem with it, then write the supervisors. Pride is coming and those new in town will feel the heat and I mean the queer heat.


Music for Money

Support artists by monetary means: I don't put much of my income into charity, [but] I love music ["Swimming Against the Stream," Ian S. Port, music, 6/4]. I buy albums from small artists I enjoy on purpose. Somebody has to support them. If a person wants good, independent music, buy a CD or download the album straight from the band, and/or buy their T-shirts. They need to eat and sleep in a good bed just like everyone else!


Blog Comments of the Week

Just a bunch of man-babies: What actual work is there left to do, other than design at this lazy office ["San Francisco Firm Seeks "Girl Friday" to Cook Their Paleo Diets, Do Everything Else," Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch, 6/12] Bunch of man-babies at that office, and only a part-time job, hardly worth it. And of course, Paleolithic peoples did not eat anything like Paleo diets.


Art moves out for housing: I remember seeing this when I first moved to the city 12 years ago and thought it was pretty neat ["Flying Furniture: Brian Goggin's Art Piece 'Defenestration' Evicted," Juan De Anda, the Exhibitionist, 6/11]. I'm sad to see it go, but it's probably good that they're fixing up the building and using it for something.

Khanh K.


In "Swimming Against the Stream," [Ian S. Port, Music, 6/4] we misspelled Suzana Barbosa's name. SF Weekly regrets the error.


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