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SF Weekly Letters March 26-April 2, 2014 


The Potty Problem

The homeless are definitely part of the toilet problem in S.F.: The article states: "San Francisco has a poop problem, [mobile bus shower organizer Doniece] Sandoval continues, but the homeless aren't the ones at fault." Sandoval would have to repeat this to herself over and over to have a chance of believing it ["Occupied: San Francisco," Rachel Swan, feature, 3/19]. It's a glimpse of the peculiar core of the progressive belief system: Certain people have absolutely zero responsibility for their own behavior.


San Francisco does have public toilets: I've never had any problem finding a legitimate toilet any time I needed one in San Francisco. We're to believe the folks who live there — and theoretically should know their way around — can't find a toilet in a city?


Mall Rats

The mall really is a hotbed of crime: It's terrible! I've worked there for over six years and it's getting worse. People have no shame, from criminals taking cellphones from people while they eat to those who shoplift from the stores ["Wild Wild Westfield," Joe Eskenazi, Sucka Free City, 3/19]. But in all honesty, the "mall cops" are somewhat pointless! They drag the criminals out to the BART station, only for them to return again. I don't feel safe [in the midst of all this crime].

Tristen S.

Blog Comments of the Week

Change is a part of life: People change, cities change, everything changes ["Remembering the Prior Lives of San Francisco at Lost and Found," Derek Opperman, All Shook Down, 3/19]. If things always remained the same there would be no growth or discovery of new thoughts or ideas.

Thomas S.

Better to be picky and single than with a weird guy: Odd, I guess being "picky" is just expecting the guy to not be married or to be somewhat normal ["No Means No: San Francisco Ranks Number One for Pickiest Women in America," Jonathan Ramos, the Exhibitionist, 3/19]. I'll stay "picky" and not let go of those two requirements.

Julie B.

San Francisco residents love to take photographs — of themselves: Ew, really? San Francisco ranked in at 11? I am ashamed ["#SelfieSF: San Francisco Ranks 11th Selfiest City in the World," Jonathan Ramos, the Exhibitionist, 3/18]. Why are we even on the list? I thought S.F. was too cool for that stuff!

Carvajal C.


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