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SF Weekly Letters September 4-11, 2013 


Hot Air

It doesn't matter where the reduction happens, just as long as it does: I'm no great fan of cap-and-trade (I prefer a straight-up approach of carbon taxation at the source), but I think the article fails to note the basic premise of cap-and-trade: The overall amount of greenhouse gases allowed under cap-and-trade is supposed to decline year by year ["The Bathtub Paradox: S.F.'s Pro-Environmental Efforts May Encourage Pollution Elsewhere," Joe Eskenazi, Sucka Free City, 8/28]. Since greenhouse gases are not a localized pollutant, it doesn't really matter where greenhouse gas reductions take place, just that they do take place under a well-defined and enforced declining cap.


Blog Comments of the Week

Proposed name for the Bay Bridge seems oddly fitting: Given that it took 24 years and a crazy amount of money to build a bridge with incorrectly manufactured bolts, naming it after a corrupt politician somehow seems fitting ["San Francisco Politicos Really Don't Want to Name the New Bay Bridge After Willie Brown," Rachel Swan, the Snitch, 8/30].


There seems to be a funny commercial wrapped up in this bottled-water fiasco: It seems to me that SFPUC could do a really great spoof on this: How many bottles of water it takes to flush a toilet, put out a fire, take a shower ["Rim Fire: Bottled Water Industry Slams San Francisco," Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch, 8/29]. They could show houses filled with empty bottles and the calculated expenses.


When drugs make an animal out of a human: Man bites dog. That's the headline ["Knife-Wielding Man Bites, Chokes Police Dog (Video)," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 8/29]. Some drugs literally turn humans into animals. Where is the turning point — when a person who functions normally [becomes] an animal devoid of morality? That is where the tragedies of drugs lay. When the human spirit leaves the human body, rendering it an animal running on primal instincts and drug-lust. Very sad.



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