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Protecting Criminals
Discovering the dark side of the S.F. Police Department: This is a good, solid piece of investigative reporting ["Cover of Darkness," Ali Winston, feature, 5/8]. It's also just the tip of the rotten iceberg.


Will Play for Money
Their numbers don't add up: Great article ["Almost Famous," Katy St. Clair, Music, 5/8]. As a person who makes a living recording bands, I have one quibble: The cost of making a record is typically much less than $100,000, but still a lot more than just owning a Mac.


Tongue Tied
Court interpreters know what they're saying: Good journalism is unbiased. To infer that court interpreters can make or break the case is irresponsible and unfounded, as witnessed in this article ["Open to Interpretation." Albert Samaha, News, 5/1]. Selectively quoting testimonies in a several weeks' long trial, when the author apparently does not understand the language being translated, nor does he have the grasp of protocol of a court interpreter's job, runs the risk of tarnishing the reputation of the court interpreter industry as a whole. The author also fails by making the assumption that the defendants are educated and understand courtroom legalese.


Blog Comments of the Week
These YouTube covers deserve a second listen: I have to say, not only are a lot of these videos NOT "cringey" "Get Lucky" covers, but a good amount of them include some amazing talent that obviously goes unnoticed by the author of this list ["The 10 Worst Covers of Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' on YouTube," Cory Sklar, All Shook Down, 5/8]. I suggest when making a list of "worst videos," try finding something that incorporates something along the lines of a "bad American Idol audition" rather than people who have created professions around their careers and have clearly demonstrated a widespread amiability based strictly off of their musical talent and interpretation.


Just a bunch of old dudes: These old dudes have been around as long as I have, and they are just old men who like to pretend that they're still young ["The Rolling Stones Overcharge For Imperfection at Oracle Arena, 5/5/13," Ian S. Port, All Shook Down, 5/6]. They are feeding their egos and fattening their wallets at your expense not mine.


Over-regulating the race doesn't help in the long run: This is really stupid ["Here Are the New Security Measures for Bay to Breakers," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 4/30]. Life isn't safe. Every time we make sacrifices in the name of more "security," we lose, and the terrorists win.



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