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Flicks Not to be Missed

Missing an important film festival from summer coverage: SF Weekly covers summer film festivals in San Francisco and does not mention the San Francisco Black Film Festival (SFBFF) [June 13-16]? WTF? Fifteen years in the city and the paper doesn't know it's here ["Summer Move Preview," feature, 5/29]? The paper has written about it before, they have advertised with SF Weekly, and they get no credit [in the film festival coverage]? Oh I get it, put a black face on the cover and do not mention the SFBFF; the paper needs to right this wrong!


Debatably the Best

Article isn't music to this reader's ears: A poorly written article propping up an overrated musician ["The Making of Mikal Cronin," feature, Ian S. Port, 5/22]. Is the writer freaking kidding me? To call this hack the best songwriter in this city is outrageous and an insult to any number of artists that have called this town home.


Blog Comments of the Week

Why it's better left to the movies: The big problem here is that two grand is not a huge pile of money. That's one bundle of 20s ["Sex Atop Huge Pile of Money Plan Goes Awry," Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch, 5/30]. It's barely enough to cover a pillow. Maybe he used singles? That might work if the lights were kept off.


Reader says soda isn't that bad: Obesity is a complex issue and is influence by a number of factors (including age, genetics, stress, and physical inactivity). To assign blame to one source of calories is incorrect, has no basis in science, and is counterproductive ["Marin County Asking Residents Nicely To Stop Drinking Soda This Summer," Anna Roth, SFoodie, 5/28]. In addition, the beverage industry encourages healthy, balanced, and active lifestyles by providing consumers with myriad beverage choices in a wide range of calories so they can choose the beverage that is right for them.

Maureen at ABA

Simple economics to why gay parents are in Mississippi: Gay people are probably having more kids in Mississippi and Utah for the same reason that straight people are having more kids in Mississippi and Utah — California is an expensive place to live ["More Gays Are Raising Kids in Mississippi Than in California," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 5/23]. There's really nothing else to it.


Eminem needs to focus on his career, not suing Mark Zuckerberg: A person cannot copyright a progression, it's not a sample of the original beat, and the melody is different enough to be easily discernible ["Facebook vs. Eminem: Pissed-Off Rapper Says Mark Zuckerberg Ripped Off His Beats," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 5/21]. How about making a new album or touring instead of suing Zuckerburg on a weak case?



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