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May 12, 2010 Slideshows » Music

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Sofa King Free 

The aptly named flickr group Sofa Free!! features photographs of castoff sofas. Taken in as a whole, the collection speaks to the universality of the human experience: abandoned sofas from all over the world are discarded on streets, in woods, at the beach, and in the snow. These are a selection of just a few of the amusing, haunting, interesting shots to be found in the pool.
Good time sofa.
An afternoon happily walking through the woods ... And suddenly...Wow! A sofa!
Leather sofa on a frozen-over canal in Berlin.
Stone love seat.
Night-vision sofa
Two black leather sofas in a back lane.
I photographed this about a year ago thinking it would get cleared away fairly quickly since this is in a 'coastal park'. I guess it's just part of the landscape now.
Like a pick-up truck, extra hauling capacity is always there when I need it. A trailer would take forethought. Planning. I rode the dutch bike to church today because it is built to live in the rain, without causing extra wear or requiring extra maintenance. It turned out there was old couch that needed hauling way. Last week I hauled away an exercise bike, which someone thankfully recycled right off my lawn. The bike handled fine with the load, but the thin wood sidewalls aren't made for this kind of use. The Bikes At Work trailers are ideal for bulky loads, but then, there's that "planning" thing that comes with using a trailer.
Near San Marcos, Texas
West Oakland
Good time sofa.
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