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April 23, 2012 Slideshows » News

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The Highest People Across America 

Whether you think of 4/20 as a celebration for an oppressed minority or just another day for layabouts to get high, this weekend stoners across the country got baked. So from the east to west, from states with legal access to medical marijuana to states without, here are the highest people across America.
Molly Bergen
Molly Bergen
Someone becoming one of the highest people in America.
The highest punks in America.
A remarkable display of focus for 4/20.
A man who is experienced many 4/20s, in Denver, Colorado.
Not all stoners are chilled out.
Don't tell their science teacher they skipped class.
Stoner romance in Denver, Colorado.
Already high, with ambitions to get higher.
The guy who who will be the highest man in America.
Even with a ski mask, this guy still looks high.
Everyone at the Civic Center in in Denver, Colorado.
A scientist of some sort in Los Angeles.
Whoa, dude, that looks stressful.
Lifestyle choices as clothing in Los Angeles.
Yesenia Hernandez
Activist students in Miami, Florida.
Yesenia Hernandez
Tired eyes in Miami, Florida.
Yesenia Hernandez
Yesenia Hernandez
Melissa Fossum
Bong scientists in Phoenix, Arizona.
Melissa Fossum
Melissa Fossum
A great story for the grandchildren!
Melissa Fossum
4/20 is a holiday for all ages.
The least high people on 4/20 in Denver, Colorado.
Fresh Photography
The appropriate response to a 4/20 Ghostface Killah show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
JC Vera
A musician performing and enjoying at the 420 Hangover Festival in Santa Ana, California.
JC Vera
Molly Bergen
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