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October 12, 2012 Slideshows » Culture, Arts & Entertainment

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The Sexiest (and Most Ridiculous) Halloween Costumes of 2012 

The employees of Yandy know all too well that sexy is the Halloween trend of the decade.

This year's big sellers: the Sexy Fox, the Sexy Watermelon, the Sexy Hamburger, and new arrivals, "sexy" Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird costumes. Seriously.

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- Yandy, Creators of the "Sexy" Sesame Street and Hamburger Costumes Explain Why You Should Be a Sexy (Whatever) for Halloween
Faux Denim Overalls Set
Sexy Green Overalls Set
Lorax Hoodie Hat
Exclusive Yellow Dress and Stockings
Sexy Trash Monster Costume
Faux Fur and Mesh Blue Dress Set
Finding Clownfish Costume
Golden Bear Costume
Deluxe Tiger Costume
Sexy Hamburger Costume
Sexy Corn Costume
Exclusive Red Bird Costume
Sexy Honey Badger Costume
Dirty Martini Costume
Grinch Hood and Green Costume
Sexy Fox Costume
Sexy Dinosaur Costume
Faux Denim Overalls Set
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