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Exotic Erotic Ball, Dave Chappelle, Fog City Wrestling and the Zombie Dance Party that Wasn't: Your Monday Morning Hangover

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Weekend Wrap-Up by Janine Kahn

Some weekends we're drooling all over ourselves with excitement here on All Shook Down. But this time, not so much. Don't get us wrong, there were some cool things that transpired over the break, but two of the events we'd planned on covering turned out to be something of a drag (and much as we love cross-dressing, even that didn't save the day).

Let-down #1: Sex and tech columnist Bonnie Ruberg, like many other Exotic Erotic Ball-goers, was promised a ride to Treasure Island in a giant limo tricked out in leather seating, marble tables and flat streen TVs. Attendees were also promised “no lines, no waiting." Alas, alack, this was far from the case. Bonnie writes:

"What greeted us who showed up in the AT&T parking lot expecting luxury? A grimy, “hop on, hop off” bus and a line hundreds of party-goers long. Forget flat screen TVs. This shuttle rider didn’t even get a seat."

The ball itself was pretty colorful, and our husband-wife photo team of Mike and Jen Cash had a blast shooting (see the Exotic Erotic Ball slideshow), but the transpo fiasco, coupled with bad food and overflowing porta potties, was enough to turn off some ASD readers, like Fred, who writes:

"This is the first and last time I attend the exotic erotic ripoff. I spent more time waiting on the lousy buses then I did at the event which was weak to say the least. It took over an hour waiting in the cold to get a "limo" back to the AT&T parking lot and an hour in line to get on the double decker bus to get to the event. What a WASTE."

Much more disgruntlement can be found in the comments section, which you can read here.

click to enlarge zombie_dance_party_20081020_133415.jpg

Let-down #2: ASD regular Gretchen Robinette set time aside on her birthday (Saturday) to shoot the Zombie Pinup Calendar & Zombie Dance Party event we'd seen on one of our favorite sites, Laughing Squid. "Come have a killer time and meet some of the Zombie Pin Up Girls!" shouted the web flyer. Gretchen showed up at 9:15 p.m. (the party ran form 8-12) and no one was there but a guy at the door. She returned at 11 and no one was dancing, though a handful of people were hanging out. So she did what any prudent birthday girl would do and ditched the scene, ran home and had a late-night BBQ.

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Photo via:

But enough of these depressing tales. Sources tell Clubs Editor John Graham that we all missed out on a most excellent Dave Chappelle appearance-turned-comedy-marathon at the Punch Line Saturday night. It's nice when shows are worth the price of admission -- this one was, ugh, $55, but Chappelle hung out with the crowd till the sun came up, chatting and pulling jokes out of the conversation. The man supposedly swore he wouldn't leave the stage till he was the last person in the club, but he gave up around 6:30 a.m. when he saw there were still two dozen people still glued to their seats. Chappelle walked offstage muttering "you beat me this time, S.F." or something along those lines. As they say on the interwebs: WIN! Did anyone go to his Sunday show? Did he have any energy left?!

click to enlarge sfweely_fogcitywrestling_19.jpg

Anyway, elsewhere Saturday night (the DNA Lounge to be precise), Mekuria Getinet was busy capturing the Fog City Wrestling bouts on camera. See his photo set here.

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On Sunday, we veered away from lowbrow entertainment, gussied ourselves up and visited the War Memorial Opera House for Mozart’s Idomeneo. OK, at least our Emily Hilligoss did. And even if you're not an opera fan, read her review. It's rare that an opera house reviewer will compare a singer's costume to those "juicy" hot pants with the big letters on the rear.

click to enlarge ExoticErotic12.jpg

And backtracking a bit, on Friday, Melissa Baron got to see one of her favorite acts, The Mountain Goats, play the Fillmore. Read her glowing review here.

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