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The Top Ten Hip-Hop Drinking Anthems

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Hip-hop's reliance on marijuana as a creative conduit and lifestyle accessory is well documented. But beyond the genre's top tokers, there's also a bubbling batch of rappers who've rhymed about not so much getting a little tipsy as daily dalliances with the dark world of being black-out drunk. So with news that the Colorado-based Twisted Pine Brewery have launched a limited edition beer named in honor of the Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah (apparently it's "the hottest beer this side of hell"), here are ten ultimate alcohol anthems. (Pedant's note: Young Black Teenagers' "Tap The Bottle" and any song by a Southern rapper that advocates tainting a drink with prescription cough syrup are out on the grounds of righteous beer snobbery.)

10. E-40, "My Drinking Club"

"What kind of motherfucking percolations you niggas got up in the refrigerator?" So asks 40-Water on this 1996 tribute to the ancient art of getting wasted. But whippersnappers beware! 40's secret establishment is a stickler for legit ID: "We checking all you bastards under 21 or under 18 or whatever however. You understand that?"

9. Busta Rhymes feat. P. Diddy & Pharrell, "Pass The Courvoisier (Part II)"

Product placement ahoy! A club banger from the early 2000s, here Busta ropes in some of his slicker pals and talks up the benefits of prancing around the club with a fancy glass of cognac in your hand. In the entertainingly-ridiculous video, the brutish Busta fights a woman while Pharrell dry-humps a girl under a pool table -- though you suspect the Courvoisier had little to do with either act.

8. 8-Off, "Alize For Dolo"

Poor ol' Nas may have lamented his lot in life by getting "Drunk By Myself," but indie rapper 8-Off (aka Agallah) painted a far more depressing picture when he quipped that he could be found drowning his sorrows with the sickly-sweet and luridly-hued Alize brand of liquors. Proving that alcoholic misery loves company, he then drafted in Mr. Cheeks from the Lost Boyz for a remix.

7. Mighty Casey, "Liquor Land II"

"Pass the gin and tonic/'Cause I'm still an alcoholic," brags Boston native Mighty Casey over a savvy sample of The Cure's "Lovecats," before also confessing to drinking "a beer in the bath." The track hails from 2003, but topically Casey declares, "If I stop drinking then the terrorists win." (Another Round: "Liquor Land", the original.)

6. Snoop Doggy Dogg, "Gin And Juice"

For a song supposedly about the celebratory benefits of quaffing gin, Dr. Dre's beat here conjures up a pretty sinister and eerie vibe. But Snoop's dedication to honoring every grandmother's favorite tipple remains unhindered, and is likely responsible for a circa-1993 spike in Tanqueray orders coming from underage drinkers.

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