Banhart, ?uestlove, Martsch -- The Top 10 Beards in Modern Music

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10. Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene It isn't easy leading a band made up of 400 other smaller bands. But that's what Kevin Drew does. You think he'd be able to do that without his ever-present beard? Not a chance in hell or Canada. Yes, his beard gives him the pondering power he needs to organize a band that is the indie equivalent of Voltron. Sure, the beard gets shorter from time to time, but maybe his special lady friend Feist doesn't like it too long. And that's okay, because she sold a lot of iPods last year.

You're strong. Carefree. Rugged. And your face is warm. While the mustache has become an ironic joke, the beard will always be a scratchy, somewhat pungent sign of manliness (or homelessness). It represents wisdom, and proves you don't have to shave for any old day job. When even hot girls tolerate your pube-topiary, consider adding yourself to our elite list of: The Top 10 Beards in Modern Music. --By Dustin Glick

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