Black Bloc Arrests: Mugshots from Protest

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Andrea Abi-Karim

San Francisco police arrested 20 people on Saturday, 11 men and nine women who are self-described members of the notorious Black Block street gang, known for impromptu protests and vandalism. SFPD released the mugshots of all accused protesters who were arrested after allegedly tossing bags of rocks, projectiles, and flares at police as they tried to dismantle the demonstration.

Police say many of these faces are familiar and might be the same group responsible for the chaotic protest in the Mission District last month. During that demonstration, protesters painted the word "killers" across the front of the Mission Police Station.

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Published on October 8, 2012

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This is equivalent to "lynch mob justice".


How, pray tell, do you feel this serves the public interest to post a bunch of photos of people who have not been convicted of any crime?


Shall I accuse you of pedophilia and then post a mugshot of you claiming that the accusation is true, just because the cops took you in for questioning over the accusation?




Bunch of misfits and drug addicts I suspect

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