Controversial Columnist Christopher Hitchens' Next Ten Book Ideas

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10. Proposed Title: Al Gore's Whores: Fanatical Recycling and the Unrelenting Green Machine Concept: A chastisement of the Alfred Nobel Foundation for recognizing Gore, a comparison of environmentalism to Islamo-Fascism and a declaration that no one really knows what those numbered recycling triangles actually mean. Hitchens also plans to be critical of his wife for making him take out and exhaustively sort their household refuse.

America's foremost contrarian, Christopher Hitchens, has taken on controversial topics throughout his career, from criticizing Mother Teresa to speaking out in defense of the war in Iraq. His most recent book God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything tangled with the most sanctified of subjects: organized religion. How will he top that? Well, we intercepted a few of Hitchens' pitches for his next tome, and while some are potentially interesting critiques, others are a little weird. By Anthony Layser. Art by Conor Buckley

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