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  • California Academy of Sciences: Press Preview
    The much-anticipated living museum opens its doors to the public on September 27. The Academy features an aquarium, planetarium, living roof and four story rainforest among other things. Jennifer Maerz shares photos from the press tour on Thursday, Sept. 18.
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  • SF Lindy Exchange from 9/12 to 9/14
    The international dance phenomenon known as The Lindy Exchange returned to San Francisco last weekend for the first time since 2005.Photos taken at various SF locations from Friday through Sunday by Sheyna Gifford.
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  • Jell-O Wresting at Bender's Bar on 9/14
    Bender's 5th Annual Jello Wrestling featured DJ Masterblast and more gooey red slush than most could handle. Photos by Gretchen Robinette.
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  • Brews on the Bay on 9/14
    Seven San Francisco breweries refilled cup after cup on board the Liberty Ship S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien at Pier 45 Sunday. The sun was out, the beer flag was up and folks enjoyed manning the vessel's main gun under the influence. Photos by Janine Kahn.
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  • Shepard Fairey's "Duality of Humanity" Opening Night at White Walls on 9/13
    Everyone and his mother showed up at White Walls Saturday night to rub elbows with Fairey, who has become a household name since the release of his Barack Obama posters. A line wrapped around the gallery on Larkin Street and people streamed in and out past 10:30 p.m. Photos by Sam Heller.
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  • Stung, Darkwave and Erasure-esque at the Red Devil Lounge on 9/13
    Stung, the best Police-appreciation band on this side of the Atlantic played Polk's Red Devil Lounge on Saturday alongside Darkwave (a tribute to all things New Wave) and Erasure-esque, which sounded just like the real deal but featured a feathered boa. Photos by Mike and Jen Cash.
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  • Club Night Spotlight: Tutu Tuesdays at Vessel
    Committed to her New Year's resolution of wearing a tutu for the rest of the year, party promoter Carla Tutu (a.k.a. Carla Gardner) invites you to romp around in ballerina-esque tutus every second Tuesday of the month at Vessel. Photos by Crystal Akins.
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  • No on Prop 8 Rally at the Castro on 9/6
    A crowd gathered at the No On Prop 8 Headquarters in the Castro Saturday to protest the proposition that would snatch away the GLBT community's new same sex marriage rights. Photos by Sam Heller.
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  • "When Doilies Go Bad" Exhibit at Soap Gallery on 9/6
    Saturday was opening night for Laura Mappin's bizarre yet endearing solo show "When Doilies Go Bad." And boy, did they. There's nothing like seeing a crocheted penis with its balls draped over grandpa's comfy chair, woolly discharge dangling from the other side. Photos by Janine Kahn.
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  • Power to the Peaceful on 9/6
    Thousands gathered at Golden Gate Park on Saturday for the 10th annual Power to the Peaceful festival. In addition to Michael Franti and the Spearheads, Ziggy Marley and Warren Haynes took the stage supported by other artists, peaceful speakers, the Dali Lama's right hand man and a hip-hop tap...
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  • Lebowski Fest San Francisco's Bowling Party on 9/6
    The Lebowski Fest recipe: One part pot-bellied men in bathrobes and scraggly facial hair, one part tipsy women in red wigs, eight parts White Russians. Photos by Masha Rumer, taken Saturday at Daly City's Classic Bowling Center.
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  • Nine Inch Nails at Oracle Arena on 9/5
    Trent Reznor is either a genius or a goddamn crazy fool take your pick. Nine Inch Nails' spooky guru has been bucking a lot of industry standards lately, from giving away his music for free to playing a concert like Friday night's, which was heavier on new songs than the material that mad...
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