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  • The Great Dickens Holiday Fair & Victorian Party
    Attendees of The Great Dickens Holiday Fair & Victorian Party are transported back to Charles Dickens' London. (Well, ok, a cleaner, peppier version of it.) Hundreds of actors in costume fill the 120,00 square feet of the Cow Palace, which is made up to look like the streets of London, replete...
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  • Hubba Hubba Revue Christmas/Hanukkah Spectacular!
    The spirited Hubba Hubba Revue put on a Christmas/Hanukkah Spectacular show just for mom and dad this weekend, featuring Santa, some rockin' Rabbis, and scantily-clad helpers shimmying across the stage with feathers and tassels aflutter. Saucy burlesque performances, music, and festive outifts...
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  • HopeNet's Steve Smith Demonstrates How Kief is Made
    HopeNet's Steve Smith walks us through the process of making good old fashioned kief (a marijuana concentrate): a 2,000 year old recipe. All photos by Gil Riego, Jr. SF Weekly's special marijuana issue Rolling Papers hit the stands this week. You can read more in: Strong Medicine:...
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  • Eat Slideshow: Citizen's Band
    This week, Jonathan Kauffman took on two restaurants that are trying to re-invent American food-- Grub and Citizen's band. These images were taken at Chris Beerman's Citizen's Band, where pastry chef Cheryl Burr tuns out sweets for her attached storefront in addition to desserts for the...
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  • Third Annual Mission Holiday Block Party 2010
    For three years running now, local merchants have thrown open their doors (regular business hours be damned!) for the Mission Holiday Block Party. Shops, restaurants, and art spaces play hosts to drinks, nosh, friendly chatter, performances, and more. All photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • WonderFull SF: A Tribute to Stevie Wonder at Mezzanine
    It's not just that Stevie Wonder's moniker is tailor made for a kickass dance party name-- his repertoire practically begs for one. WonderFull, presided over by DJ Spinna, has become a winter tradition, featuring the music of Wonder and "soulful music in all its forms." All photos by Jacquelyn...
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  • Live 105's Not So Silent Night 2010
    Every year during the holiday season, Live 105 puts on a massive concert. This year's Not So Silent Night 2010 featured The Black Keys, Phoenix, Broken Bells, My Chemical Romance and Smashing Pumpkins. All photos by Richard Haick.
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  • Killer Instinct: Samantha Spiegel is S.F.'s most successful murder groupie
    Entangled in a rough transition to adulthood, Samantha has taken to placing herself under the control of manipulative, dangerous men. They are men who have become infamous for their brutality, and for her, that's part of the allure. Read more about Samantha Speigel in Ashley Harrell's story...
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  • Hubba Hubba Revue at the Uptown
    The ladies of the Hubba Hubba Revue always thrill, and this performance was no exception. CORRECTION: A previous version of this slideshow identified this performance as the annual Hubba Hubba Revue Christmas/Hanukkah Spectacular. That show will actually take place Friday Dec. 17th at DNA...
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  • Best of San Francisco NSFW 2010
    This is a city where men routinely roam the Castro sans clothes, we throw an annual open-air fetish fair (that supports charity!), run races in the nude (and drunk), and generally let our freak flag fly without apology. SF Weekly cameras were around to capture much of this gleeful mayhem, from...
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  • Lipstick and Kisses: Flaming Lotus Girls Extravaganza
    The decade old, female-driven fire arts sculpture artists The Flaming Lotus Girls create massive metal works of art that shoot flames up to (and sometimes over) 150 feet high. And when they throw a party, they like to play with fire. All photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • Santa Con 2010: Santarchy in the Streets
    The weather has cooled, it's getting dark earlier, soy nog is cropping up at the supermarkets, and hundreds of stumbling, debauched, intoxicated Santas are surging through the streets confusing the hell out of children. It's Christmas in San Francisco! All photos by Joseph Schell. Want...
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