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  • A Tour of Kink's Armory
    Once a month, alternative porn studio opens the doors of its giant brick fortress to free public tours. No, visitors don't get to watch any sex scenes in action. But they do get to explore the intersection of an authentically antique interior with fabricated dank, dark sets. Photos by...
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  • CouchSurfing Festival at Golden Gate Park
    Scores of Bay Area CouchSurfers - folks who travel the world from couch to couch and offer their own futons up to like-minded folk - descended upon Golden Gate Park Saturday to swap stories and eat crepes. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • Commemorating the Bay Area's Last Stagecoach Robbery
    On August 17, 1905, an unknown man wearing driving goggles on his face and feedbags over his boots leaped, screaming, from a tree and into Bay Area lore. Over the weekend, a band of eccentrics journeyed to Hillsborough to plant a plaque in his honor. Photos by Joe Eskenazi.
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  • CuriousJosh: The People of Burning Man 2011
    CuriousJosh left the L.A. underground last week to head to the Playa for Burning Man. See more photos in "CuriousJosh: Scenes from Burning Man 2011" and "CuriousJosh: Art and Art Cars at Burning Man 2011." For photos from years past, see "The Best of Burning Man."
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  • March: SF Weekly's Month in Photos
    In March we watched geeks storm the Moscone, painted the town green for St. Paddy's and met many clad in thrift shop wedding gowns for the Brides of March.
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  • Mad Heart Masquerade
    Saturday night was all about art, music and masked identities at the Llounge party hosted by Thunderground SF. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • BaconCamp 2009
    BaconCamp was a well-organized and smoothly run event that simultaneously demonstrated just how much of a high bacon is currently on in terms of popularity and how far people are able to stretch one culinary theme. Photos by Tamara Palmer.
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  • The 6th Anniversary of the Iraq War
    On Saturday, March 21, San Franciscans marched from Justin Herman Plaza to Civic Center in protest of the Iraq invasion's sixth anniversary. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • SF International Chocolate Salon
    Fort Mason's Herbst Pavilion was 30,000 square feet of chocolate, wine and confections on Saturday, March 21, for the SF International Chocolate Salon. Photos by Tamara Palmer.
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  • Club Photos: Wigwam at Triple Crown
    A throwback to elementary school social studies, wigwams are comparable to igloos but composed of foliage and animal skins. In a venue with disco balls, antique lamps and chandeliers, the correlation between wigwams and Triple Crown could not be any more random; they are polar opposites. But...
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  • The 10 Best Movies That Wreck San Francisco
    In real life, people are always fighting to preserve the beauty of San Francisco, but through the magic of the silver screen we can get the slightly wrong thrill of watching it get messed with just a little bit. We don't really want the Golden Gate Bridge to explode, crumble, or be swarmed by...
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  • Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair
    Anarchists of all ages flocked to Golden Gate Park's County Fair Building for books, art and like-minded company over the weekend. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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