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  • Dear Disney, Please Quit Vandalizing Our City
    We knew there'd be trouble when the Disney Company lent its characters to street wear giant The Hundreds last December. Since the collaboration, the SF streets have been sticker-bombed with more images of Lost Boys and Tink than one can count. And while the city rips them down, new stickers...
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  • Saturday at the Box Factory
    It was artiness as usual at the Mission's Box Factory Saturday night, featuring paintings by Jarrol Cluck, music by Tim Hingston and New Crystal Aquarium, and photography by Rachel Nauss, Mike Strandjord and the Weekly's own Hanna Quevedo. Photo set by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • SF Weekly Photo Booth: 4/4 at Atmosphere
    Our traveling photo booth made its debut Saturday night (April 4) at Atmosphere. If you hammed it up in front of the SFW logo, you might just be in here. Photos by Mike and Jen Cash.
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  • Lamb of God at San Jose State
    The No Fear Energy Tour featuring Lamb of God, Suicidal Tendencies, Children of Bodom, Municipal Waste and God Forbid rolled into the San Jose State Event Center Saturday, April 4. The tour lived up to its name with high-energy sets from the bands, which inspired much moshing and crowd surfing....
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  • Golden Gate Park Flash Rave
    Hundreds of kids converged at Golden Gate Park at around 8:30 Friday night (4/3) for a flash rave, which the cops broke up an hour later. Thomas Levinson shares his photos of the action, and the party poopers.
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  • Club Photos: Boner at Beauty Bar
    We're talking boner jams here, so keep your mind out of the gutter, fair reader. Photos by Crystal Akins.
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  • Bruce Springsteen at the HP Pavilion
    The Boss returned to the Bay Area on Wednesday, April 1. Photos by Christopher Victorio. Read the related review by Melissa Baron.
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  • St. Stupid's Afterparty
    From what we could tell, no one burned their hair at this year's St. Stupid's Day Afterparty at the Elbo Room. Last year's bash was another story. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • Fossil Fools Day
    The folks at Greenpeace thought it clever to dress up as cavemen on April 1st to illustrate how coal is a fuel of the Stone Age. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • St. Stupid's Day Parade
    In San Francisco, April Fools is marked by the St. Stupid's Day Parade, in which the Bishop of the First Church of the Last Laugh leads the mad masses through the "stations of the stupid," which include many a financial institution downtown. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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  • A Tour of Kink's Armory
    Once a month, alternative porn studio opens the doors of its giant brick fortress to free public tours. No, visitors don't get to watch any sex scenes in action. But they do get to explore the intersection of an authentically antique interior with fabricated dank, dark sets. Photos by...
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  • CouchSurfing Festival at Golden Gate Park
    Scores of Bay Area CouchSurfers - folks who travel the world from couch to couch and offer their own futons up to like-minded folk - descended upon Golden Gate Park Saturday to swap stories and eat crepes. Photos by Hanna Quevedo.
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