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  • Inaugural Ball at Electric Works
    San Francisco's Obama Inauguration party wrapped up at City Hall and headed over to Electric Works Tuesday evening. Photos by Tim Wagner.
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  • Inauguration Festivities at Civic Center
    Thousands gathered outside San Francisco's City Hall on Tuesday (01/20) to watch Barack Obama, the man of the hour, get sworn into office on the big screen. Photos by Tim Wagner.
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  • Club Photos: "Life" at the Infusion Lounge
    Over 400 people were in attendance for "Life," a Saturday night (01/17) party at Union Square's Infusion Lounge. The event featured DJs Shift, Brian Salazar and Kevin Kid. Photos by Calibree Photography.
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  • Top Chocolatier Pairing at CocoaBella
    Three top chocolatiers -Fritz Knipschildt of Knipschildt Chocolates; Christopher Elbow of Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates and Jeff Shepherd of Lillie Belle Farms- shared their favorite chocolate and spirit pairings on Saturday, Jan. 17. Photos by Janine Kahn and Tamara Palmer.
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  • Bass Camp Launch at 111 Minna
    The dance floor was packed Thursday night (01/15) for Bass Camp, 111 Minna's new 3rd Thursday event. Mochipet, Turbocaunk, Robot Koch and Lazer Sword provided entertainment as attendees swayed, engaged in live painting and $1 PBRs. Photos by Gretchen Robinette.
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  • No Pants Subway Ride in SF
    The plan, as announced on, was simple: Meet up at 2 p.m. Saturday with a few dozen strangers at Dalva in the Mission. Get liquored up. Take pants off and ride public transportation. (Read Ashley Harrell's full report.)
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  • The 30th Annual Norton Day
    On Saturday, the loyal members of E Clampus Vitus -- a San Francisco-founded fraternal order of men with a fondness for drink, Western history, and peculiar attire -- gathered at the final resting place of Joshua Norton (aka Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico) to...
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  • MacWorld 2009 at the Moscone Center
    Photographer Tim Wagner spent Tuesday, January 6, walking the floor of this year's massive MacWorld Expo - allegedly Apple's last.
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  • New Year's Eve Parties: Eclectic Fever and Sea of Dreams
    Eighth and Brannan streets held it down all night. The San Francisco intersection, which bisects the Concourse and the Gift Center was the site of two -count 'em, two - of the livest NYE spigots. Both events, as it turned out, were global in significance. (Read the rest of the review by Eric K....
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  • Disco 2009 with Shiny Toy Guns at the Rickshaw Stop
    New Year's Eve was one big dance party at the Rickshaw Stop with headliners Shiny Toy Guns. Photos by Christopher Victorio.
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  • SF Weekly's Year in Review (LOLcats Style)
    You’re not supposed to admit to liking LOLcats, just as you’re not supposed to openly champion year-in-review issues. But in the pages ahead, we have combined two of our guiltiest pleasures into one shamelessly superficial summary of an incredibly historic year. We hopez u likee. Text by Wi...
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  • SF Weekly's Year in Club Photos
    San Francisco partied hard in 2008 - in giant martini glasses, in fanny packs and underwear, in tutus, with hair burning, you name it. Also See: SF Weekly's Year in Photos.
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